Monday, January 31, 2011

Listen to the new Bright Eyes album, "The People's Key"

hey kiddos

i like conor oberst and Bright Eyes, and i bet you do too. so we can bask in our mutual happiness over the fact that Bright Eyes' new album is streaming on NPR's first listen.

i'm still listening to it, so i don't have anything to say. i'll leave the talky talks to jawn. jawn is this hipster enough to post btw? i'm on a roll with this, two posts in a month. think i'll need to slow down


James Blake - The Wilhem Scream

I actually haven't listened to James Blake's new LP yet (Too excited about James Blake to download a leak), but album cut Wilhem scream already has two versions available. Personally, I liked the build up in the album version more, but the song overall is better on BBC. Check out both below, along with an 11 minute sample of the entire album. The official release date is February 7th.

Live at BBC

Friday, January 28, 2011

Eternal Summers - Safe at Home

Eternal Summers, SAFE AT HOME from ADeBruin on Vimeo.

Eat Your Birthday Cake - Poor Young Werther

I guess if yesterday was a day for joyously cheesy songs, it only makes sense that today should balance it out with some particularly dark tracks. Physically, Eat Your Birthday Cake are from Philly, but their influences seem to be coming from 1970s Germany. I have a feeling this song is going to get big, fast. Thanks to Yvynyl for posting it!

AntiMagic - Shake Shake Shake/ Inner Most Shogun Heart

Percussion heavy. Oppressive. Trance inducing. Whats not to love about Brooklyn duo Antimagic? The Shake Shake Shake single was released back in December and it was the first I heard of the band. I've been jamming to their 2009 debut "Trash Symmetry" ever since. Check out the single and my favorite cut off of Trash Symmetry below.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Police Academy 6 - Run

Police Academy 6 - RUN from Beard Wizard on Vimeo.

Just watched this vid on Get Off the Coast, and like that Patrick Wolf song, its pure joy. I'm just letting the good times/cheesiness run free today. I'll probably have to post some no-fi rager later today to make up for my loss of street cred.

Patrick Wolf - The City

I mean c'mon man, just LISTEN to that SAX!! This has to be some sort of over-exaggerated self aware joke right? Honestly, I've never really listened to Patrick Wolf, but I was always under the impression that he was some sort of dramatic prince of the goths. All I really know for sure is that this is the cheesiest song I've heard in a while, and that I can't stop jamming to it.

The equally cheesy/incredible music video premiered earlier today at the guardian.

Rill Rill - Sleigh Bells

The official video for Sleigh Bell's slow jam "Rill Rill" just premiered today on I've never been into videos, but I'd say its probably my second favorite video of 2011 so far, behind the Tearist's video for Ungirthed.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Creepers - Songs from the Green House

Mind Spiders - Don't Let Her Go/No Romance

I think these guys might miss Jay Reatard more than I do. Don't Let Her Go premiered today on Weekly Tape Deck, and No Romance is being hosted courtesy of their label Dirtnap. If your Tuesday started off as sluggish as mine did, then these tracks will help. If you're expecting your whole week to be dreary (like I am) do yourself a favor and grab their whole LP (here or on iTunes) while you're at it.

No Romance - Mind Spiders
Don't Let Her Go - Mind Spiders

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Des A Boda - Ponytail

Teen Daze homies Des A Boda's debut EP will be coming out on Cultus Vibe early next month. With only one live show behind them and two songs on their bandcamp, Des A Boda already have me excited. Imagine Crystal Castles trying to rip-off Gobble Gobble armed with only 8 bit synths and a microphone from a cereal box. The vocals didn't sit well with me when they first came in, but once I got past them Ponytail had me smiling wider than any song has in a while.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekend jamz (vol.1?)

Its the weekend.
Purity Ring's Ungirthed is recieving some very deserved attention from p4k.
I haven't posted a mixtape in far too long.
I think its time to celebrate the first two and change the third one. I literally made this mixtape 10 minutes ago, so sequencing isn't a big deal, and its significantly shorter than usual. Hopefully you won't feel too ripped off with 25 minutes of music instead of 40. Enjoy!

  1. Living in America (Remix ft Gucci Mane) - Dom
  2. Fever - Christian AIDS
  3. Replicants - Millionyoung
  4. Together - Teen Daze
  5. Roxxanne - Teams
  6. Everyday Dance - Star Slinger
  7. Skin Fox (Gobble Gobble Remix) - Mane Mane
  8. Ungirthed - Purity Ring
The .zip is out of order, and even though I said it didn't matter that much, this is the order I'll be listening to it in.

Vacation - Wasted Disposer

Definitely feeling early Modest Mouse vibes on Vacation's new EP, but this song in particular stuck out to me. I can't think of a better voice to sing lines like "I'm a wasted disposer, I don't ever really wanna grow up" and "I'm the lamest of friends" (except for a younger, lisp-ier Issac Brock). They hit the astral guitar effects pretty accurately too considering how lo-fi the overall production sounds. As far as adding their own spin, Vacation have a knack for old-timey samples (not unlike Bedrooms of the Nation) and they take the spacey feel a few steps further than Modest Mouse ever did.

Download the entire EP for free over at bandcamp.
Thanks to Yvynyl (who thanks Smoke Don't Smoke) for the find!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nightlands - All the Way

All the Way by Nightlands from Secretly Jag on Vimeo.

Low Anthem - Ghost Woman Blues (David Letterman)

The Low Anthem played a new song on David Letterman a few nights ago. The song is titled Ghost Woman Blues and will be on "Smart Flesh" which drops February 22.
Did I mention this song features JAW HARP???

Update: Download the studio version of the song below
Ghost Woman Blues - The Low Anthem

Left and Right - Wild Eyed/Basement

So I've realized since I started blogging that I go through periods of wanting to write paragraphs on songs, and through periods where I'd rather just let you guys listen. Right now I'm leaning towards the latter... enjoy!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shea Stadium Archives

Shea Stadium (the Brooklyn DIY venue, not the former home of the Mets) opened an incredible new website today. Apparently the venue, which is important enough for a kid from Florida to have heard of it, has the reputation of recording just about every band that plays there. I guess the owners decided that the world needs to hear all of those recordings, so the website opened today with a massive archive! Check out more details on Altered Zones, or at their website. Bands recorded include Dead Gaze, Gobble Gobble, Future Islands, Small Black, Porcelain Raft, How to Dress Well and literally over 100 other bands. Recordings range from one song to an entire set, check out a sampling of the sessions from some of my favorite artists below.

Das Racist, meet Fake Das Racist

ey guys, doc here. know i don't post much but needed to hype something real quicklike

you've probably heard of Das Racist, the Brooklyn duo behind Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell (song not the restaurant concept) and a bunch of other deconstructionist/dada/obscure ref laced hip hop.

you probably haven't heard of Fake Das Racist, providing twitter with the best lyrics that Das Racist never wrote. shit is fresh and hilarious and from a very clever comedic fellow i know. and real Das Racist is starting to tweet back, so its gettin rull meta up in there.

"Arabic like algebra, moods variable like algebra, bill crumpler like Alge, brah, weed green like algae, braaaah"

"I like to emcee hammered like MC Hammer, rammin Alabama slammers and jammin' to Bananarama"

and a lot more here. follow, tweet, retweet, whatever you do on that ish

Bradley Hathaway - A Storm Coming

New Single from Bradley Hathaway, it would have fit right in on his last EP, 1000 Angry Panthers.

A Classic Education - Night Owl (Shaking Through Session)

Check out video from the session here.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ela Orleans - I Know

I'm not sure how official this music video is, but I think it fits pretty well. Besides, this song is just too good not to post. I Know has been buzzing through my head since it was first brought to my attention on grrrizzly's first mixtape.

Wavves - Mutant

A few days ago, Wavves and Best Coast released a split 7". Personally, I really don't like Best Coast at all, and the Wavves song was sub-par at best. Obviously, when I don't like a song, even if I like the band I'm not going to post about it, so I never did. Yesterday though, Wavves released another song for free on his blog, and this one has definitely stifled my disappointment. Mutant would have fit right in on King of the Beach, and that is fine with me.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Panda Bear

Panda's finally decided to pop back up this month! In January we've seen a release date, a collaboration and now a music video for a song that probably won't be on the album.
The much anticipated Tomboy is now officially set for release on April 19th.
The Collaboration is with Ducktails and you can stream the song over at P4k.
The Skate video is below, and to my knowledge only the first song is Panda.
I think it might be my favorite of everything he's released since he announced Tomboy, but Alsatian Darn is definitely in the running.

ATIBA EVANS Panasonic GH2 Skate from skatefairy on Vimeo.

Atiba Song (with background audio from the video) - Panda Bear

Props to GVB for the mp3

Christian AIDS

Actual text from me to my buddy Andrew Daw:
Someone named Christian AIDS friend requested me on facebook. His only fan page is Wu Lyf and he has like 30 friends. I'm scared.
After that sufficiently mysterious introduction to the distastefully named Christian AIDS it took me two days to actually listen to their music. I have to say their music fits my initial reaction pretty well, and I love it. Christian AIDS have a lot in common with Wu Lyf; They're both from Manchester, enjoy provocative band titles and no one really knows who they are. Musically though, Christian AIDS are a bit closer to a post-rager Crystal Castles, or a Witch House band going outside.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Yohuna - Mateo

You're definitely going to want to check this one out. Yahuna is sort of like a hybrid between Adelyn Rose and HTDW, or maybe a cavernous Moon Lasso. Anyway you want to look at it, Mateo's lo-fi production turn the song into something massive. Yohuna's debut EP "Revery" is out Tuesday, but Mateo is already available on her bandcamp.

Shout Out to Grrrizzly for this!

Kite Collision (Orange Blossom Flyover + Heirloom)

Kite Collision was the short-lived musical project between Ryan Scally and Matt Billington. After starting with some appropriately catchy shoegaze/pop the two decided to move on with their respective solo projects, Orange Blossom Flyover and Heirloom. Both Solo projects are more casual and less radio-friendly, but when has that ever been a bad thing? I've been sitting on these tracks for a while because I haven't been quite able to articulate why I like them so much. Instead of trying to write something overly articulate I'll just post one song from each project and let you listen if you're curious. Enjoy

Friday, January 14, 2011

Coma Cinema - Whatevering

A new Coma Cinema song off of Blue Suicide was premiered yesterday on Weekly Tape Deck! This one is a bit out of the ordinary for Coma Cinema. Hyperactive percussion, hand clapping, and piano, plus Mat picking up the pace on the lyrics boost the energy on this quite a bit-until you listen to the lyrics at least. If you've been keeping up (or you've ever used hypemachine) you've probably realized that more than half of the songs on the album are already out there. Regardless, I'm still incredibly pumped for Blue Suicide and you should be too!

Whatevering - Coma Cinema

Heems - Teenage Dream

Yes, Das Racist member Heems does sample the Katy Pery song. But no, its not really supposed to be ironic or embarrasing. Instead Heems slows and screws it into something sryupy and psychedelic to rap over.
Speaking of slowing down pop (that might be a stretch) into something syrupy and worth rapping on, I neglected to post the Dom-Gucci dream colab that hit the internet a few weeks ago. Check that out below as well.
Back to Teenage Dream though... this isn't even the first time I've posted a re-imagining of Teenage Dream! A few months ago I also posted Foxes in Fiction's straight up cover of the track that I'm also posting below.

Living in America (remix) - Dom Ft Gucci Mane
Teenage Dream - Foxes in Fiction ft. Weed

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stream Braid's Native Speaker

The embeded player is being goofy for me, but I'm not sure if its just my computer so I'm going to leave it up. If they player is blank for you as well, head over to Hype Machine to listen to your new favorite album. The stream will be up until the 18th, after which you should promptly buy the album!

Hips Like Cinderella - All The Girls I Know All of Them EP

Well Shoot this is good! Just stumbled upon this gem on Get Off The Coast. Yes their name is a Pixies reference, and no its not that hard to find in their sound. If you're into Dead Gaze or early Wavves you'll definitely dig this. If you've never heard of Dead Gaze or Wavves I'll just give you this warning: While listening to this EP for the first time my roommate turned on the vacuum cleaner in the other room, and it took me about 45 seconds to realize it wasn't part of the song.

Jay Reatard

Today is the one year anniversary of Jay Reatard's (Real name: Jimmy Lindsey Jr.) death. It was a Sunday and I remember driving to church with a mix CD I'd burned for myself in the car. Aint gonna Save me was the song in the very middle of the mixtape. If you're unfamiliar, the outro to "Aint gonna save me" goes "All is lost there is no hope" for about a minute. I remember rewinding that outro for the entire car ride over and over again. As depressing as that may sound, it really wasn't. Jay's music is so full of life and energy that I just had to hear the outro over and over to stop me from being bummed. Regardless, I just knew music wouldn't be the same with Jay, and a year later I still feel like there is a huge gap missing. Shamefully, I didn't get into Jay until his last album, and I'm still working through his insanely prolific life's work(over 20 albums in about 10 years). So the three songs I'm featuring don't even come close to portraying the range of Jay's work. Pitchfork has a very thoughtful article up on Jay's life from friends and associates that is more worthy of your time than this post is, and it also mentions all the Jay related memorabilia and releases that will be coming out this year.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Beggars in a New Land - Teething EP

"Beggars in a New Land" just released an EP with the cassette rookies Crash Symbols. I'd never heard of Beggars, but the Get Off The Coast connection was enough to peak my interest. Teething is Crash Symbol's third release to date, and they've started out almost outrageously strong. (In case you missed it, Crash Symbols opened shop with a bang in November with an incredible compilation. Check out links to the compilation and another one of their releases below) Beggars aren't afraid to classify themselves as Chillwave, and neither will I. Compared to their peers though, Beggars sounds outright enormous. Chillwave's dance influences are pulled right up front on Teeth and their kitschy synths and drum machines somehow manage to sound like they'd fill arenas.

Hear Hum - Psyche Circles (expect more from Hear Hums on ATHID in the near future!)

Underoath - Reversal - Reversed?

Who would have thought anything good could ever come out of random youtube comments? Someone commented that Reversal sounded just as cohesive backwards, and they were right. I thought it was interesting enough to post, and even if it wasn't Reversal is still the best song on their new record. (I'm sorry, In Division, but your phenomenal chorus can't hold up the whole song) If anyone is surprised to see an Underoath song I here, I can't blame you. However, Underoath was honestly the first band I decided to like on my own, and I still have a fondness for them. They're playing in Tally on the 18th at the Engine Room so if your in town come on out for a good old fashion throw down.

Reversal - Underoath
Reveral *Reversed* - Underoath

Monday, January 10, 2011

Braids - Glass Deer (Teen Daze Remix)

Native Speaker is going to be on everyone's year end list in 11 months and Teen Daze is just consistently spectacular. Native Speaker is out on iTunes on the 18th, and a few weeks later on February 8th they'll be in Tallahassee at Club Downunder with Star Slinger and Baths.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Swimming Trunks/BWEDGE Split EP

Tourmates and like minded tropical punks "BWEDGE" and "Swimming Trunks" recently released a free split EP of fuzzy, sample based joy. Fans of Tree Hopping (or Totally Nebular) will definitely enjoy these guys. Although both bands feel pretty tropical throughout, they aren't afraid to throw in samples and synths that break the beach mood. (I wanna Know and Small Victories respectively).

The EP has five songs from each artist and you can download it right here. Check out the track list below, along with a few individual mp3s. UPDATE: I just realized they are actually mp4s, so open them in a new tab if they aren't playing for you.

  1. Restless
  2. Golden Gloves
  3. Phantom
  4. I wanna Know
  5. Simple Dreams
Swimming Trunks:
  1. Small Victories
  2. Past/Future
  3. Necessary Evils
  4. Ripe (Ft BWEDGE)
  5. Wisdom

Active Child on Daytrotter.

Originally a Harpist, Pat Grossi's Active Child was one of my favorite electronic acts of 2010. In his Daytrotter session, Grossi and his backing band forgo all the electronics and most of the R&B flavoring for an almost painfully stark re-imagining of probably my three favorite Active Child songs. When your Love is Safe and I'm in your Church at Night both focus primarily on Grossi's white-boy-soulful voice and harp. Wilderness on the other hand takes a bluesy, almost Bon Iver like approach to the song that spins the whole feeling of the song on its head.
uhhh check it out already!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Star Slinger - "ROGUE CHO PA" EP

Star Slinger has been getting a lot of buzz lately, and until recently I wasn't entirely sure I could get behind it. I knew I dug his remixes, but his originals never really stood out. That all changed pretty recently when his contribution to the Amdiscs compilation overcame my cynicism with pure bliss. I wasn't planning on posting anything else though because I already linked to that song in the Amdiscs post. Conveniently though, Star Slinger released an EP "full of beats" that he "had lying around". If this is what he has lying around to release on a whim I clearly need to be listening to more of his stuff. If you're in Tally you'll get to do just that early next month at Club Down Under. If Star Slinger wasn't good enough the February 8th show also has Braids and Baths on the bill.

Grab Rouge Cho Pa on Soundcloud or as a zip
Everyday Dance - Star Slinger
If you're digging it, grab one more free release from Star Slinger called Volume One here.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Zoo Kid - Out Getting Ribs

You won't hear me (or many other bloggers) saying this very often, but I'm not sure what I think about this song yet. I can't think of many artists that have thrown me for a loop like Zoo Kid just did. "Out Getting Ribs" kind of reminds me of Wu Lyf (who wrote my second favorite song of the year), and also a bit of Oberhofer, (who wrote my favorite song of the year!) so by all accounts it really should be fantastic. Honestly though, I'm listening to it for the fifth time in a row now and I still can't decide. I love this guy's (boy's?) voice, and the fact that hes only 16 is legitimately awe-inspiring. Unfortunately, He also throws in a few overly conversational, warbling laughs that I just can't stand. A guitar or two wander in the background the whole time, and the whole song seems to sputter and stop until finally igniting with a riff in the last 30 seconds or so. Usually I'd be seriously into that kind of fractured chaos, but I haven't be able to get inside this one yet. Either way, I'm glad I checked the song out after seeing p4k awarded it a Best New Music. There's really no point in reposting it, and whoever wrote the review on it had interesting enough words on it for to stop what I was listening to.
Listen to "Out Getting Ribs" on Pitchfork

UPDATE: it was rocky at first, but I think I'm officially in love.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Recap: Top 35 songs

Happy New Year everyone! What better way to start 2011 then by listing my favorite songs from 2010? Yeah I know that isn't very good reasoning, but I've been busy and I didn't get around to posting my list before the year ended!
I wanted to highlight as many bands from this year as I could so there aren't any songs from my favorite LPs or EPs. For the same reason I limited the list to one song per artist.
I didn't feel like individually uploading all 35 songs so I only put links for up for songs I already shared and hosted at one point on another. Don't worry though you can grab a zip of all 35 right here!
  1. Away Frm U - Oberhoffer
  2. Heavy Pop - Wu Lyf
  3. School Night - Coma Foxes
  4. Wrinkle Carver - Gobble Gobble
  5. Sun's Going Down - Shimmering Stars
  6. When your Love is Safe - Active Child
  7. Dance Yrself Clean - LCD Soundsystem
  8. Albatross - Besnard Lakes
  9. O.N.E. - Yeasayer
  10. Lemonade - Braids
  11. Not in Love - Crystal Castles Featuring Robert Smith
  12. Solo 4 Claire - Wise Blood
  13. Mr. Peterson - Perfume Genius
  14. Younger Us - Japandroids
  15. Shiny Fur - Bedrooms of the Nation
  16. Blood - Middle East
  17. 5 rings - Keepaway
  18. Lifestyle - Ace Hood
  19. What a drag - Bear Hands
  20. Stay Close - Delorean
  21. Prom Queen - School Knights
  22. Take Me Home or I Die Alone - Dead Gaze
  23. I Only Know (What I Know Now) - James Blake
  24. Wasting Time - Reading Rainbows
  25. Oh My God - Cults
  26. Fuck You - Cee Lo Green
  27. Decisions - How To Dress Well
  28. Photojournalist - Small Black
  29. Mickey Mouse(demo/extended version) - Wavves
  30. Birthday Party - Unoumedude
  31. Caroline, Please Kill Me Now - Coma Cinema
  32. Infinity Guitars - Sleigh Bells
  33. Waiting on You - Sun Airway
  34. You - Golden Panda
  35. Brick and Mortar - The Stationary Set

Expect a return to regular posting (and mixtapes!) now that the holidays are over. Happy 2011 and God Bless!