Monday, February 28, 2011

Gold Panda - Marriage EP

Gold Panda's Marriage EP doesn't come out until tomorrow but you can stream it today.
The EP features Marriage, from Gold Panda's debut LP along with four remixes that are all very good in very different ways.
If you're digging the EP (and I know you are) you can get it digitally from Ghostly International.


Looks like Wasted Disposer, the highlight off of Vacations incredible Bones and Wires EP, got the video treatment. The clip is charmingly low quality, and is about a ghost that plays xbox... or something. It adds a bit more fun into the already confusingly upbeat downer.

Vacation: "Wasted Disposer" from Hunter Schlesinger on Vimeo.

In other Vacation news, I somehow missed the bands Valentine's Day EP. The three song EP is lower quality,but who doesn't like a little sloppy fun? Valentines day is probably already out of your mind, but the EP's still available on bandcamp and definitely worth picking up.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Trendy - Losing it

A dance worthy beat (complete with hand clap) propels the track, and halfway through the song the bass just send the whole thing skyward. Dylan's trademark deadpan vocals come in, but on this track it enters an unusually emotive territory. The morphine sipping synth line somehow sounds like smiling flare and even the ghosts that let "Losing It" escape can't drag the track back into void.
Check out Happy Trendy's (FKA Kumon Plaza) 7" featuring "Losing It" and the A side "Nerves" below

Friday, February 25, 2011

Infinitour 2: Electric Boogaloo

Exclaim has the dates up for Gobble Gobble's 2nd massive North American tour.If they aren't playing in your city, just drive to a city they are playing in! Trust me, it is completely worth your time. If you're in Tally they are still stopping by Total Bummer as part of the tour, so GET PUMPED.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

OFWGKTA featured on MTV

First the Yonkers Video

Seriously psyched on all the big press OF is getting. OFWGKTA is the future.

Greatest Hits - Fun Girls

I really don't want to talk about the future of chillwave, or how tired everyone seems to be getting of 80s revivalism. I think this conversation needs to happen soon because the genre as a whole is getting pretty stale, but I don't think it has to happen today. I'm just going to post this song because it makes me smile, and thats all music really has to do sometimes.

Altered Zones is the best you guys.
Ok now this is just awesome

Shimmering Stars - Walk Away / Dancing to Music I hate

Shimmering Stars (aka Bedrooms of the Nation) added two new songs to their myspace today, and they're both going to show up on their debut LP. The beautiful harmonies are still in full force, but its easy to tell that the band doesn't need to lean on them as much as they have in the past. Walk Away is a slower number, but the mid section rollicks along at a head bobbing pace. Dancing to Music I Hate is tantalizingly brisk at a minute and a half, but I'm willing to bet it won't be long before its up there with "Sun's Going Down" as one of their best songs.

Sun's going down - Shimmering Stars

Thanks togrrrizzly for the streams, and for generally just being a great blog.

Ghost Animal - Young and in Love

Ghost Animal - "Young And In Love" from The Tearist on Vimeo

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Coma Cinema - Come On Apathy

Its funny how so many memories can be packed into less than a minute and a half. I'm almost certain Come on Apathy is the song I've listened to the most in the past two years and it obviously sparked a pretty intense love affair with anything Mat Cothran creates. If that wasn't enough, it was also the first Delicious Scopitone post I noticed on Altered Zones. Both Altered Zones and Delicious Scoptione have irrevocably shaped my musical taste, and DS still stands as my favorite music blog of all time even after it shut down. I can't think of a single song that made me want to start a music blog as much as this one.
Originally posted on Scene SC

Guards cover Vampire Weekend, MIA, Metallica

Sure, I guess MIA and Vampire Weekend do have a bit in common, but Metallica?
Motorbreath is transformed into a jazzy doom and gloom number that's pretty jarring compared to the original. Taxi Cab also turns into a slow burner, but with the swing on the chorus it almost sounds like the song was meant to be performed this way. Born Free somehow becomes a bearable song too, so thats cool.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Wavves - Horse Shoe

I'm pretty sure almost everyone already has an opinion of Wavves, so theres no point in describing this one. However I will say that its easily the best songs Wavves has put out since King of the Beach. All of Wavves' usual influences are there. Grunge, lo-fi, and pogo worthy power-punk are all fit into one song; a feat that Nathan really only accomplished once on his last album.

Horse Shoe - Wavves

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jane Jane Pollock

Ok you guys, I'm not going to lie: I'm really not all that integrated into Tallahassee's music scene. Thats changing as we speak though! Last night I had nothing to do so I decided to walk over to the farside to see a few locals I'd heard of but never seen. The last band of the night, Jane Jane Pollock left me completely awe-stricken. Instead of pretending I can explain their sound to you I'm just going to post a live video. Expect a longer write-up after I've heard more from them.
Jane Jane are playing twice at the engine room in the next few weeks, once for their CD release and once opening for Thee Oh Sees.

Gloomy(live at the engine room) - Jane Jane Pollock (not the same show as the youtube video)

Foxes in Fiction - Hospital District/ Static Cults

ATHID's best bud 4ever, Warren of Foxes in Fiction, released a new single yesterday! Warren is celebrating both the 1 year anniversary of the release of Swung from the Branches and his recovery from some sort of sickness. Both songs are primarily instrumental/ambient affairs, but don't go assuming ambient equates to boring. Hospital Districts is as shimmering and bright as anything Foxes in Fiction have done before and is an interesting exploration of his established style and tone. Meanwhile, Static Cults finds itself in decidedly more chillwave territory. My iTunes keeps telling me that Static Cults is 7 minutes long, but it feels like two or three at the most. Warren chops up his own vocals and set them afloat on a beat thats soothing and airy even for Foxes in Fiction.

Download the digital 7 inch here.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Coma Cinema - Blue Suicide preorder

Blue Suicide is finally upon us folks.
What are you waiting for??? Pre-order the vinyl or cassette right now and remember the album will be available FO FREE as a digital download on March 1st.

Her Sinking Sun - Coma Cinema
Whatevering - Coma Cinema

Porcelain Raft - Talk To Me

I always feel like a lmstrmr when I repost something from P4k, but dammit Porcelain Raft is awesome!

Talk to Me - Porcelain Raft
The Wall - Porcelain Raft (Yuck cover)

Radiohead - The King of Limbs

I can't think of a single good reason to not get your hands on this album.
I've already listened to it twice today. Yeah, its Radiohead so I'm prone to over-reacting, but as of this moment I'm not hesitant to call it a better In Rainbows. Also, the new music video for "Lotus Flower" is nothing short of ridiculous.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

ODD FUTURE on Fallon

"Proved why people can't stop talking about them" - Pitchfork
"Legendary" - Gorilla Vs Bear
"More Punk than Any Band I've seen in a long time" -Waylon Thorton
"Wolf?" - Felicia Day

Sandwitches - Tyler, the Creator and Hodgy Beats

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Welcome Back Sailors - SEASONS

Unholy Rhythms put out an absolutely killer Valentines Day mixtape on Monday. My personal favorite track comes from "Welcome Back Sailors." Coincidentally, I found Welcome Back Sailors no more than two weeks ago. "I'll Be There" has literally been on constant repeat for me since I first discovered them, and the new track Season was a welcome addition. New wave vocals and positively delightful harmonies set these guys apart from the chillwave hordes. Y'all know how much I love comparing bands, so I'd call Welcome Back Sailors some sort of chillwave Yellow Ostrich.

Season - Welcome Back Sailors (Unholy Rhythms premiere)
I'll be there - Welcome Back Sailors


Yuck's self titled LP came out yesterday. GO BUY IT. IT'S INCREDIBLE. and if you have the chance, SEE THEM LIVE. THEY'RE INCREDIBLE.

Holing Out - Yuck
The Wall - Porcelain Raft (yuck cover)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Port St. Willow - Stay Even (Shaking Through Session)

The always professional Shaking Through Sessions have a new episode up! This time, Antler's front man Peter Silberman curates and produces a song for his old friend Nick Principe of Port St. Willow. Its not hard to hear Silberman's influence on the vocals and guitar, but the percussion is something else. Nick apparently built the song from the ground up with the upbeat and off-kilter drum beat.

Total Bummer mixtape - Vol 1

I didn't make this mixtape, but I'm going to count it as the mixtape for the week anyways because I'm lazy. Total Bummer 2.0 is a 3 day event coming to Tallahassee March 25-27th. Boasting 60 artists (that doesn't include visual artists!) in 3 days and taking place in and around Railroad square, Total Bummer is going to be a damn good time for all us Tally Folks. Bands include: Gobble Gobble, Reptar, Hear Hums, Waylon Thorton and the Heavy Hands, Moonlasso ,Oh Fortuna and obviously a ton more. According to their facebook, Spirit Cat is " a collective/record label of electronic music based out of Gainesville, FL", and I'd give props to whoever specifically made the mixtape if I knew.
Find More info on Total Bummer on their website or their angelfire (lol) and check back for updates on the second phase of the line-up.

If you're not in Tallahassee and really don't care, don't worry. I'm just about finished with a mixtape for next week (I'm finally getting back into the routine). On that note, if anybody wants to contribute some artwork for next week's mix email me.

Local Natives - Who Knows Who Cares (Live + remix)

If you're keeping track, Who Knows Who Cares is on pace to over come Wide Eyes for the Gorilla Manor song with the most alternate versions. Old Arc, who I posted about for the first time yesterday have a remix of Who Knows Who Cares thats pretty incredible, and my brother showed me this live version as well.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Stay Calm - Old Arc

"Stay Calm Jon. Yeah yeah, I know the new Old Arc song is incredible but if you dance right now your roommates will just have another reason to think you're crazy. Do those guys really think I have some sort of mega-jam induced schizophrenia? Thats the stupidest-MJ AINT GONE/OUR N**GA AINT DEAD"

kind of a big deal

Arcade Fire won album of the year!!! I was considering posting some write-up about how important it is for Indie Music ect ect, but you can read better write-ups than mine. As you can expect, some people weren't so pleased about the underdog victory.

Radiohead has continued their tradition of announcing albums a week before they're available. The In Rainbows follow up is called "The King of Limbs" and thats the cover art above.
Preorder The King Of Limbs here as either a 9$ digital download or a 48$ deluxe "newspaper(?)" version of the album.

The fastest way to creep out your Valentine, from Yeasayer

eyyy guys

apparently today is valentimes day or something (i don't believe in "greeting cards"). however, i do believe in Yeasayer, the tripped out crew that is still riding off the success of their last album Odd Blood from early last year.

one of the best tracks from Odd Blood is "I Remember", which Yeasayer has re-released fo' free along with two remixes and a new videoa for a valiumdimes day (did i do that right?) special. the song is a little intense, with lyrics like "I remember the smell of your skin forever" i'm not sure i'd give it to more than a S.O., but its still awesome (and i bet the remixes are good but i'm too cool to send a valentine to myself atleast right now).

so yeah, git u some creepy valentines loving (and good music) here
and as usual, the vid is trippy as heck

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ela Orleans

I've been intrigued by Ela Orleans since I Know was featured on Grrrzzly's first mixtape at the beginning of this year. My obsession solidified with her inclusion on two separate label compilations for Beko. Along with label-mate Dirty Beaches, Ela Orleans is the leader of the pack in extending the current weirdo-vintage trend into the 50s. Her 12" split with Dirty Beaches is about to be released on La Station Radar (an incredible label thats essentially forming the impending 50s revival) and there are another three records coming from Ela in the coming year. Watch two Neo-Noir performance videos and grab the new track from Clandestine's Beko compilation below.

Ela Orleans "Myriads" from movies for ears on Vimeo.

Ela Orleans "Beat Goes On" from movies for ears on Vimeo.

Light at Dawn - Ela Orleans

Friday, February 11, 2011

Kitteh Fur - Winter Will Never Come

Kitteh Fur is a new project featuring Rachel Levy, my favorite fake Canadian! Sort of feeling a Memoryhouse vibe, but with warmer vocals. Of course the video by the ultra-prolific Tearist is appropriately hazy and romantic. When the song and visuals are combined its basically slowcore bliss y'all.

Kitteh Fur - "Winter Will Never Come" from The Tearist on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Follow Rivers - Likke Li (Tyler the Creator) + Tyler - Yonkers

2011 has been a big year for syrupy hip-hop remixes of pop songs. The indomitable OFWGKTA leader Tyler the Creator is the latest MC to try his hand at it (to be fair, the middle section of Tyler's Bastard already sounded like a recreational dose of sizzurp). Tyler chooses Lykke Li's I Follow Rivers to drug up, which conveniently lands somewhere between Katy Perry and Dom.

UPDATE: In other Tyler/OFWGKTA news, Tyler released an incredibly creepy (and professional!) music video for a new song called Yonkers last night. Yonkers is our first glimpse into Goblin, the follow up album to his break-out Bastard. Yonkers is NOT for the faint of heart, but nah, its not Horrorcore.
I Follow You - Lykke Li (Tyler the Creator Mix)

That Ghost

I really can't remember when exactly "Never Have Fun" found its way on to my iPod, but I remember it being on a mix that didn't leave my car's CD player for several months. For whatever reason, I was never really interested in finding anything else by the artist (in other words I didn't know what Hype Machine was) so That Ghost was a complete mystery to me. Obviously, when you only have one or two songs from an artist its kind easy to forget about them. Fortunately, That Ghost re-entered my consciousness with the announcement of "Songs Out Here" about a month ago after a shamefully long break. If you're new to That Ghost grab the album's first two singles along with Never Have Fun.

Calls - That Ghost (premiered today on Weekly Tape Deck)
To Like You - That Ghost
Never Have Fun - That Ghost

Ghibli - Hollywood Snow

Absolute JAM from my buddy Thomas Michael's new project Ghibli. Chopped n Screwed vocals from "Car Wash" soul singer Rose Royce are anchored by smooth strings (and a lil flute) but as groovy as the track is, the middle section is what sets it apart. After a slow build, and perhaps taking cues from the other-worldly bass flutter in James Blake's Limit to Your Love, Hollywood Snow crumples in on its self like a paper ball. After the fallout (I'm thinking that snow must be from nuclear winter) the track slowly rebuilds itself back up. Kinda like a Phoenix y'all.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pepepiano - Pepepiano

Sometimes I forget how left field certain artists really are. I suggest them to a few friends, they check them out and tell me that they are "uhh definitely different." Sadly, I think Pepepiano may be one of these artists. I want to suggest this album to anyone who's ever told me how much they enjoyed Merriwether Post Pavillion, but I'm sure more than a few of them would be confused. Throw hip-hop, glitch and sometimes Passion Pit, sometimes Atlas Sound vocals into the mix and you might understand why Pepepiano can seem so unwieldy.

Ok. If you'd like to think of yourself as musically adventurous (and I'd hope everyone who reads my blog does!) forget anything negative I just said. Pepepiano pulls off the so called "post MPP" sound better than anyone else I can think of. "Firehands" gets heavy, almost trance inducing, while "Bruce Springsteen" mixes The Jameses' Fifth Dimension with Anco's Bluish. Millennium Wet Dream's smooth synth tones and diva-vocals form the purest example of chillwave, and its followed up by "Catapult" maybe the most hyperactive of the bunch. Overall theres just a TON of stuff going on here. Theres much more to dig into than I'm willing to write about, so I'm just going shut up and let you listen to it.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Blackbird Blackbird - Give You Everything

A friend of mine recently told me that he's tired of every band having that "beach sound." Honestly though, in February right after walking back from class in the rain and eating lunch by myself, I really don't mind a boost of sunshine. Theres no denying this will sound great on the beach, but Blackbird Blackbird (along with several other contemporaries) seem to be moving away from a nostalgia-heavy aesthetic by throwing in live instrumentation and pushing vocals higher in the mix. More than anything else, "Give You Everything" sounds confident, and confidence is a seriously under-appreciated trait in music at the moment.

Give You Everything - Blackbird Blackbird

Shout out to NMB for posting this one!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Breakfast in Fur EP

I'm not going to lie to you guys: The album art is a better indicator of Breakfast in Fur than anything I can write! Playful and folksy sure, but the little girl's facial expression is a hint at just how off-putting this EP can be. My first thought was that they are emotionally reminiscent of Headless Horseman, but with a drastically different sound. Both artists feature chilly vocals, but Headless Horseman back it up with glitch-pop, while Breakfast in Fur choose folk instead. Ultra-creepy falsetto aside, the real feat Breakfast in Fur accomplish is their ability to throw Goose Bump inducing subtleties into songs that would be wholly optimistic on paper.

Cold Cave - The Great Pan in Dead

A highly compressed electronic sheen (reminiscent of Sleigh Bells) covers an essentially alternative or hardcore song. It sounds like something new I'd hear on my hometown's new-rock radio station and I'd actually enjoy. Although it really wasn't what I was expecting from a new Cold Cave single, I've been scarce on songs as delightfully urgent as The Great Pan lately. This one's been on repeat all weekend.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Stream James Blake LP

Yep, stream James Blake's debut LP right here.
Also, check out a bonus track from the album.
thanks to Listen before you buy for the tip!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Unouomedude - Emilia

I'm not really sure when this demo from actionville resident Unouomedude was released, but its new to me so I figured I'd post it. Based on the sleigh bells in the background it could be a christmas track that I'm way behind on, but I feel just fine listening to it January. It reminds me a lot of Teen Daze's sort-of left turn EP Beach Dreams, in all its lo-fi dream pop goodness.

Emilia(demo) - Unouomedude (via his website)

You can also grab a mixtape made by Uno over at 40oz clothing, along with a link to buy a tote-bag he designed, if you're into that sort of thing.

Christian Aids - Scum

Anybody know this guy.
Please turn him into
This guy is SCUM
Girls Be

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

BOBBY - Sore Spores

Awkward cover art amirite??
Anyways, BOBBY is a new project featuring Mountain Man member Mollie Sarle. Bobby will be touring with both the Low Anthem and Dom in the coming months and thats surprisingly indicative of their sound.
Sore Spores is pretty chill acoustic jam (yeah bro) reminiscent of Modest Mouse and Dirty Projectors.
Check out Sore Spores, and the hazier live cut "If its Dead Outside" via soundcloud.
Thanks to Yours Truly!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fifth Dimension (ATHID mixtape)

  1. Teen Angel - Heavy Hawaii
  2. Fifth Dimension - The Jameses
  3. Sexual Angel - Golden Axe (Ft Princess Chelsea)
  4. I Want Your Damage - Nice Face
  5. I Know - Ela Orleans
  6. Crazy Rulers of the World - Surf City
  7. MUTANT - Wavves
  8. Birthday Party - Unoumedude
  9. Small Victories - Swimming Trunks
  10. Howolding Girls - Birthdays
  11. In Your Room - Ghost Animal (Golden Axe Remix)
  12. Blue Heron - Little Jungles

The original name for the mixtape was "Mickey Mouse" but I ended up cutting the Wavves track of the same name. Up until about 20 minutes ago I was going to keep the name, but I decided Fifth Dimension fit much better with the overall feel, not to mention the radical collage by Jheri Evans.