Monday, January 17, 2011

Christian AIDS

Actual text from me to my buddy Andrew Daw:
Someone named Christian AIDS friend requested me on facebook. His only fan page is Wu Lyf and he has like 30 friends. I'm scared.
After that sufficiently mysterious introduction to the distastefully named Christian AIDS it took me two days to actually listen to their music. I have to say their music fits my initial reaction pretty well, and I love it. Christian AIDS have a lot in common with Wu Lyf; They're both from Manchester, enjoy provocative band titles and no one really knows who they are. Musically though, Christian AIDS are a bit closer to a post-rager Crystal Castles, or a Witch House band going outside.


  1. the only thing christian aids have in common with wu lyf is that they're totally copying their approach to making it in the bizzzz.

  2. I'll more or less agree with that, but I really won't mind if both of them keep making great music.