Wednesday, March 30, 2011

True Romance - Seven Saturdays (Teen Daze Remix)

True Romance (Teen Daze Remix) OFFICIAL from Seven Saturdays on Vimeo.

Don't forget that the entire album is now available for free on bandcamp.

Yuck - Doctors in my Bed

From Yuck's blog, the B Side to the Get Away single. You know what these guys do by now, and you know they always do it perfectly.

Fleet Foxes - Grown Ocean

Fleet Foxes just keep leaking cuts from their new album Helplessness Blues left and right. This time our new track, Grown Ocean comes attached to an appropriately dusty music video. All the songs we've heard have sounded very much like Fleet Foxes songs, but its looking like the bands focusing on more traditional song structures this time around.


More info at the band's website, including a pretty sick teaser for their new album "Tell Fire to the Mountain" and a new song with an old name (Heavy Pop)

Coma Cinema - Empty Palace

Coma Cinema's most recent blog update features a new album's cover art and this short note:

TBA 2011


It is also important to note that this may never be released, and it is likely to be the last coma cinema record.

Check out our first preview of the album, an acoustic rendition of Survivor's Guilt below, along with a few sketches.

These sketches were both written and recorded by Cothran under very strict time constraints, and mostly served to reduce the stress that "official recording" can all too often cause.

Kate Reads the Bible - Coma Cinema

Shy Water - Coma Cinema ft

Oh and I really hope the last part of that note isn't true.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Asura - Unreleasables

Ghibli mastermind Thomas Michael tipped me onto a musical peer of his today, and I've pretty much been foaming at the mouth ever sense. Sure, chopping up vaguely familiar diva wails is far from groundbreaking in 2011, but on "He Sees Through Her" Asura manages to mangle his vocal sources until they're pushed outside the realm of western music. Similarly, tracks like "This Chain" and "Kissing On a Rose" push the line between sonic revelations and straight up heart attacks with their hyperactivity. The album is rounded out by a few remixes of R&B/Rap classics that aren't entirely kosher by copyright standards, including the second remix* of Drake's Over I've heard in the past two days. I'm still not sure what Asura was thinking when he labeled these tracks unreleasable, but I'm certainly glad that he changed his mind.

*Bonus: Here's the first remix Drake's Over I've heard in the past two days:
Over (Drake Vs Starkey) - Midnighter Mashup

The Weeknd

Pretty much everyone on the internet is going nuts for the Weeknd this week. The Weeknd is just the latest in a long string of artist that have been bringing R&B influences more credibility in the worlds of underground music. Even though I've enjoyed most of these artists, for some reason I felt immune to the hype. I've been too busy to check them out and for some reason I didn't think I'd like them before I'd even heard a note. I finally decided to check them out after a conversation with my roommate and a BNM from pitchfork, and man was I wrong. Anything I could say about the mixtape has probably already been said, so just go download it.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Death Cab for Cutie - You are a Tourist

Regardless of what any of those way-too-cool hipsters will have you believe, the new Death Cab single does not disappoint. No, its not particularly innovative, but it is a near perfect example of classic indie rock. Seattle Radio station 1077 the end premiered the track, and you can check it out on their soundcloud.

Animal Collective - Keep Cassette Tape

Some weeks you find music you aren't expecting, and other weeks you finally get to hear something you've been anticipating. Theres no doubt this past week has been incredible for the latter: A new Cults song, two new Fleet Foxes songs, two new Burial songs (I was hoping to find a stream without all the tags and chatter, and when I couldn't I just gave up.)
Its looking like that trend is moving into this week, as Animal Collective's cassette tape for KEEP has hit the web. These mp3s are ripped from youtube videos that were presumably ripped from cassette so they're anything but high quality. With no official digital release, its unlikely that higher quality mp3s are even out there (but if you find them, shoot me an email!)

Before this tape, I'd never heard a solo Geologist song, and his contribution is about what I was expecting. More of a sound scape than an actual song, its pretty but there isn't much melody. Panda Bear's track is typically incredible for Panda Bear, and with a little more polish it would fit right in with what we've heard from Tomboy so far. Avey Tare's is similar, sounding like a Down There B-side with less polish and unfortunately none of Avey's superb yelps. Deakin's track was the nicest surprise for me, bringing probably my favorite song to the collection. If it weren't stripped down to a single piano, percussion and vocals it would fit right in on MPP.

Jailhouse - Geologist
The Preakness - Panda Bear

Its too late to get a cassette, but you can still buy the shoes designed by each member of Animal Collective from Keep. All proceeds go to the Socorro Island Conservation Fund

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cold Cave - Cherish the Light Years

I've been bumming all weekend, I honestly haven't even listened to this yet. I'm really excited to though! Expect a Total Bummer round-up, along with a post on those new Panda Tracks you may have already seen on Monday. I hope everyone's had a great weekend!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Fleet Foxes - Bedouin Dress

Head on over to Stereogum to hear a third new Fleet Foxes track off of their upcoming album "Helplessness Blues" out on May 3rd. I'm still feeling Battery Kinzie a bit more, but none of the previews of this album have disappointed.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tuneyards - Bizness (music video and live performance)

I think the title says it all.
Thanks friend of a friend on facebook for posting this on my friend's wall.
And thank you pitchfork TV for always premiering good music videos!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Seven Saturdays - Secret Things (remix album)

I've been jamming (actually I'm usually studying) to Seven Saturdays for a while now, but I just never got around to posting anything. The Sun Airway remix introduced me to the ambient-pop project, and the Memoryhouse remix has also been buzzing around the web for the past few weeks. Everything on this remix album is just a good as the first two singles and you could probably assume that just by looking at the lineup. Memoryhouse, Sun Airway, Teen Daze, Houses and Millionyoung are all Athid Favorites and none of them disappointed here. To be honest, it'd be quite the feat to disappoint with such beautiful source material, but its always nice to see some of your favorite artists together in the same place. All prior bias aside, newcomers White Sea manage to create perhaps the most triumphant remix of the bunch. An album like this has the potential to make all the chillwave haters shut up for a few minutes and just... chill :)
The album is only available to stream until next Tuesday, no word yet on a physical release.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Unouomedude - Frequency single

Jacksonville's very own Unouomedude dropped a new digital 7" onto the world today. The single features two distinctly different versions of the song. The A side presents a less hyperactive take on the pop-punk displayed so well on Marsh. Distortion and Wavves like cooing aside, its hazy, carefree and perfect for the Summer (in case you don't live in Florida, its common knowledge that we just skip Spring and get right into it around here). Frequency II is a different beast. The production is hip-hop indebted and those Coos sound less defiant and more disorienting. Frequency II, with its pitch shifted harmonies and nothing short of charming percussion is in the same vein as the wobbly, uneven pop of Purity Ring's Ungirthed, a style I'm hoping to hear more frequently as the year progresses.

Star Slinger Vs Whitney Houston

Some currently anonymous youtuber posted this nice little mashup onto Star Slinger's facebook wall and Star Slinger dug it enough to repost. Whitney Houston and Star Slinger go together better than Lemonade and Sweet Tea in the summer time... and its just as refreshing.

UPDATE: Our Mashup artist Moranis is no longer entirely anonymous, grab the mp3 from his soundcloud

Monday, March 21, 2011

Fleet Foxes - Battery Kinzie (radio rip)

Fleet Foxes are just one of many bands doing whatever they can to help out the situation in Japan. The band is auctioning off one test pressing of their new album Helplessness Blues with all proceeds going towards the Japanese relief effort. Maybe the the lucky (and apparently wealthy) winner will leak the whole album before its may 3rd release, but personally I enjoy the anticipation. Check out one more new song (ripped from BBC) to get you even more excited about the new album.

Cults - You Know What I Mean

Cults released a new song on their website today. Yes, it is only their fifth song ever and yes, it is as ethereal and gorgeous as everything else they touch. I'm really enjoying Madeline's switch from her faux-childish voice into a more confident but still totally cute range.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Antlers - Burst Apart (low quality live)

The Antlers previewed their new album Burst Apart last night at SXSW NPR has a stream of the entire set. (updated!)

Dead Gaze - Somewhere Else 7"

Earlier this week Dead Gaze co-released a new single on the increasingly reputable (and french!) labels La Station Radar and Atelier Ciseaux. On the A Side and second B Side, singer Cole Furlow still sounds sort of like he's drowning, but the normal wall of distortion is significantly dialed back. Synths continue to play a bigger roles in Dead Gaze's music, but I think this is the first time I've heard an acoustic guitar. Furlow's garbled vocals have always been (somewhat inexplicably) emotionally affecting, but these two tracks offer an extra dose of melancholy to replace the peeled back aggression. The first B Side, "ENZ" is a left field ambient track off of Dead Gaze's first release that explores similar emotional territory.

Buy the 7" including digital downloads right here!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I'm professed my love time and time again for beko, so hopefully you guys know the drill by now.
This weeks single comes from Tennessee foursome COOLRUNNINGS. I remember stumbling upon Coolrunnings several months ago and not being particularly impressed, but either I wasn't paying enough attention or these guys have dramatically improved. Like so many of their peers, these boys are drawing their main influences from the 1980s, but unlike your average chillwaver COOLRUNNINGS are at their best when they lovingly imitate the faux-epic sounds of 80s rock/metal. Both A sides (the B side is a remix) sound not so far off from Yeasayer with a biting punk vocalist. I'm digging the second A-Side, Brunettes' driving guitar and cow bell percussion. Even if the original doesn't impress you, the Royal Bangs remix on the B Side is pretty much guaranteed to make you move.

Download COOLRUNNING's Beko single here.
Check out Brunettes and a slightly older tune that should be appearing on the band's first full length sometime soon.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Coma Cinema - Blue Suicide

Mat Cothran's fantastic third album is finally available today. Download it for free off of his website and buy a vinyl or cassette while you're at it! Seriously, this is not an album you want to miss out on. All of the raw emotion of home recording is clearly audible, but without losing an ounce of care or detail. With a title like Blue Suicide its obviously quite the downer, but the tracks themselves are so gorgeous that I don't think anyone can mind. I can't stress enough how strongly I suggest this album to anyone and everyone.

Coinciding with the release of the album, the official music video for the title track has been released. It deals with some seriously dark stuff, and might not be for the light(uhhh faint I mean) of heart.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr - Morning Thought

I have sort of conflicting emotions on this track. Its always amazing to active follow musicians as they grow and mature in their sound. At the same time, one of my favorite things about Dale Jr Jr on their Horsepower EP was the sophomoric shaggy charm. I'm not saying that charm is entirely gone on Morning Thought, but overall the effort is definitely more focused. Either way I'm still excited for the duo's soon to be released LP "It's a Corporate World"

Dom - Burn Bridges Acoustic

Pretty chill vibes on this one bro.
Party on Slurms. Party on.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Despite pretty unfortunate timing (uhh missing SXSW by a week) I've had an incredible Spring Break! I'm sad to see it go, but getting back into regular posting is a neat consolation prize I guess. As awesome as Spring Break was, I missed so much music worth posting. Here's A TON of stuff I missed this week that I promise is all very much worth your time.

  • Des A Boda's released their debut EP from Teen Daze's Cultus Vibes this week. All 4 tracks are killer but do yourself a favor and check out Ponytail at the very least.
  • Fleet Foxes singer Robin Pecknold posted a link to a free EP on twitter that includes a song with Grizzly Bear singer Ed Droste, a cover and third track. The harmonies on the track with Ed Droste are nothing short of angelic, but I've found myself listening to Derwentwater Stones more often.
  • God Boat, one third of the probably defunct Totally Nebular released his entirely DIY LP over at his bandcamp. Its got some serious wood nymph vibes on it. Yeah its pretty far out there, but you won't regret checking out.
  • Pains of Being Pure at Heart's sophomore album is now streaming on the band's website. Its definitely pleasant, but I'm entirely sure how memorable it will turn out being.
  • GOTC's Jheri's cassette label Crash Symbols released its second compilation featuring ATHID favorites Waylon Thorton, Pepepiano, and Foxes in fiction.
  • A few days later another awesome blog put out an awesome compilation! This time the site in question was Magicrpm. Coma Cinema, Kitteh Fur and Ghost Animal all contribute songs to the all cover comp.
  • Snacky Tunes is a compilation of live tracks from some pretty legit indie artists such as Oberhofer, Suckers and Freelance Whales. I'm not going to lie, I know almost nothing about it, I just saw it on Stereogum and decided it was worth downloading. (I was right)
  • Actor/Rapper Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino released his fourth mixtape on his blog earlier this week. I'm not his biggest fan, but I'm pretty sure Childish Gambino is going to get huge any day now.

Once again, sorry for the music overload, but I hope you'll find a few things you enjoy from this post.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gobble Gobble- Boring Horror 12" and remixes

Prepare yourselves for a little more Gobble Gobble in the physical realm. The good folks over at Debonton are releasing a Boring Horror 12" super single. Along with Boring Horror the vinyl includes two previously released Gobble Gobble tunes along with two new remixes.
Since they're all already floating around the internet anyways, I'll include the mp3s in the track listing. Download the mp3s and then buy that wax!! While you're at it make sure to catch Gobble Gobble on tour in a city near you.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

His Clancyness - Like a Champ

New track from Ottawa's His Clancyness premiered on Altered Zones earlier this week. Jon Clancy trades in some of his usual billowing dreaminess for something a bit more rocking on the tune. Not to say that its not dreamy though, just not particularly billowy. You'll probably find yourself comparing it to the Shins, and that's never a bad thing.

Like a Champ - His Clancyness
Like a Champ is the B Side for Clancy's "What Fury Can't Say" 7" which you can preorder now from 16 Tambourines

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Its whatever

This playlist has been mutating since the beginning of 2011 and to be honest I'm kind of fuzzy on what songs were initially there. I can tell you that some of these songs are by my friends and that three of them (You Don't Surf, Losing It and Plastic Fangs) were added about fifteen minutes ago. More importantly I can tell you that this mixtape sounds exactly how I've been feeling for the past two weeks. Hopefully listening to it will be as soothing for you as making it has been for me.

  1. Out Getting Ribs - Zoo Kid
  2. Lord Knows Best - Dirty Beaches
  3. Wilderness (daytrotter session) - Active Child
  4. Absolute ONE - Luke Chrisinger
  5. You Don't Surf so Shut Up - Waylon Thorton and the Heavy Hands
  6. Sup Girls in the 60's - Cough Cool
  7. Do Your Best - John Maus
  8. Slip Away - Tearjerker
  9. Cigarettes - Vacation*
  10. Whatevering - Coma Cinema*
  11. Mateo - Yohuna*
  12. It's What Ev - Hips Like Cinderella*
  13. Losing It - Happy Trendy
  14. Plastic Fangs - Seamonster
  15. Winter Will Never Come - Kitteh Fur

If you've haven't had a crappy week recently and 50 minutes of (mostly) slow burners doesn't sound particularly appealing don't fret! Its looking like Weekend Jamz volume two will be ready by Friday, the beginning of Spring Break and hopefully the end of all this anxiety!

*I'm pretty sure these four are out of order in the zip. You should fix that!

Low Anthem - Daytrotter Session

February was a pretty busy month for the Low Anthem: they released a new album, kicked off near year long tour and even showed up on David Letterman. The energy doesn't seem to be dying down in March (oops). Check out the Low Anthem's Daytrotter session right now!