Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fifth Dimension (ATHID mixtape)

  1. Teen Angel - Heavy Hawaii
  2. Fifth Dimension - The Jameses
  3. Sexual Angel - Golden Axe (Ft Princess Chelsea)
  4. I Want Your Damage - Nice Face
  5. I Know - Ela Orleans
  6. Crazy Rulers of the World - Surf City
  7. MUTANT - Wavves
  8. Birthday Party - Unoumedude
  9. Small Victories - Swimming Trunks
  10. Howolding Girls - Birthdays
  11. In Your Room - Ghost Animal (Golden Axe Remix)
  12. Blue Heron - Little Jungles

The original name for the mixtape was "Mickey Mouse" but I ended up cutting the Wavves track of the same name. Up until about 20 minutes ago I was going to keep the name, but I decided Fifth Dimension fit much better with the overall feel, not to mention the radical collage by Jheri Evans.

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