Monday, October 11, 2010

New Music: Shimmering Stars, Bedrooms of the Nation

Shimmering Stars and Bedrooms of the Nation have a lot in common. They are both from Canada, they both make dreamy early 60s rock, they are both amazing and they are of course top friends of each other on myspace. And seriously, thank goodness for that last one!! I discovered Bedrooms of the Nation while listening to Shimmering Stars on Myspace and decided to check them out solely on their picture and name.

I'm Gonna Try (via p4k)
Shimmering Stars has been getting a fair amount of buzz lately (I first heard of them on Delicious Scopitone) and deservedly so! I really can't stop listening to Sun's Going Down, perfect harmonies, perfect rock out. "I'm gonna Try" thrives on the tension by pitting its scarily antisocial lyrics and bedroom recording against its sugary sound. Sabians feels a bit like a Fleet Foxes song.

Shiny Fur starts off slow, and shows some seriously rewarding restraint before rocking out. Post Nihilism's and Vibrations' use of vocal samples fit the mood in a creepy but appropriate way, not unlike Cults. Both of those songs are louder and edgier than anything by Cults or even Shimmering Stars though.

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