Sunday, January 23, 2011

Des A Boda - Ponytail

Teen Daze homies Des A Boda's debut EP will be coming out on Cultus Vibe early next month. With only one live show behind them and two songs on their bandcamp, Des A Boda already have me excited. Imagine Crystal Castles trying to rip-off Gobble Gobble armed with only 8 bit synths and a microphone from a cereal box. The vocals didn't sit well with me when they first came in, but once I got past them Ponytail had me smiling wider than any song has in a while.


  1. where the heck did you find a picture of a microphone from a cereal box

  2. Like two years ago Graham mentioned getting a free microphone from a Fruit Loops box, and I was inspired.
    Google helped too lol