Tuesday, August 31, 2010


This post is just a link to a mixtape I made celebrating/mourning the death of summer. Here's the track list, along with downloads/streams (or links to downloads/streams) for all the songs. I hope no one minds that all the mp3s aren't in the same player(I'm a pretty lazy guy). Also, If a song isn't hyperlinked that means theres no download but you can stream the song on the band's website... no point in posting that twice. Anyways, the zip probably has all the songs out of order, but heres the order I've been listening to them in. It flows pretty well from typical acoustic indie to afropop to chillwave.
I see it Coming - Guards
Shadow People - Dr Dog
You Can Keep Me Running Around - Suckers
Up Up Up - Givers
Funeral Song - Minks
Oh My God (its single no 8)- Cults
B.I.G. E.G.O. - Wise Blood
Breathing Fire - Red Wire Black Wire
Ambling Alp - Yeasayer
Very Busy People - The Limousines
Ghost in my Head - Niva
Running - Computer Magic

This mixtape is part 1 of 2 in the death of summer mixes so expect a sequel next Tuesday, along with a new playlists every Tuesday after that!(this might end up being a Fifty states project, but who knows)
P.S. Yeah, I did make the picture with google images and paint.

Monday, August 30, 2010

hip hop - yeah it can be good music too

Hey fools - The Good Doctor chiming in. Got some new(ish) hip hop joints for y'all.

First off, Kanye and Perajok dropped The G.O.O.D. Ass Mixtape a few weeks ago (check it out on datpiff here). Almost all of it is stuff that you've probably heard in other places - the very excellent "See Me Now" from ye featuring Beyonce and Charlie Wilson, a few dull new Cudi tracks like Mr Rager and Wylin Cause I'm Young (notable exception being "Erase Me" ft Kanye), the fantastic "Live Fast, Die Young" from Rick Ross, and some electro type stuff from "Young Forever" collaborator Mr Hudson (hit up "Love Never Dies"). Honestly the rest is pretty forgettable but at least worth checking out

Monster, from an apparent dream team (Yeezy, Jay, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj...and Justin Vernon of Bon Iver), also dropped last week. The beat is totally underwhelming, Ross's verse is way too short, Jay's is decent, but the track is pretty much saved by Mrs. Minaj. I've never been a huge fan of hers but she's got me now.

Finally - some of Duval's finest. Jacksonville-based clique Young Starz Entertainment is slowly but surely starting to mature in the craft. If you're willing to sift through some garbage you'll find the occasional gem, particularly the guilty pleasure that is "Bounce That Azz" from Mr. Wesss feat Teddy B (click here for dl).

And i'm out for now - back later with some more current stuff.

Wet Wings - Running Like a Man/ Whisper Always

Earlier this year in Pitchfork's review of Young Man's debut EP Boy, Ian Cohen called Young Man's style of circular, panda bear nodding acoustic work typical "Singer-songwriter circa 2010." Unlike Cohen though, I don't see this as a bad thing at all. New Zealand's Wet Wing exemplify style just as well as Young Man but don't feel quite as childish and recall more traditional folk a bit more. You can grab "Running like a Man" and "Whisper Always" on their Band Camp or right here.

Totally Nebular

I was in Gainesville for Gobble Gobble (Probably my favorite band I found about this summer) and was very pleasantly surprised by one of the local bands playing with them! Just a disclaimer, Cecil from Gobble Gobble called them weird. And he wears fairy wings on stage. Totally Nebular consisted of 3 guys, constantly switching instruments, usually in the middle of a song. They played on the floor instead of on the stage and destroyed my ears. In concert they seemed kind of screamo, but on record it comes out more like yelps. (probably better for them anyways, otherwise Brokencyde references might be hard to shake) The best way to describe their style is like a more punk, sung tongs/feels era Animal Collective mixed with the occasional vampire weekend nod. Good stuff really! Well enough of my incoherent babbling, if you can't tell I'm really excited about these guys!

Anthony Naples - Totally Nebular

Anthony Naples starts off pretty twee, but has a very animal collective-like bridge full of samples. Check out more on their myspace and if you're digging it get all of Boat Boat for free here.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wavves- Post Acid music video

No real explanation needed, the videos got a reaaal 90s feel to it. Apparently Mountain Dew is involved somehow too?

Coma Cinema

Coma Cinema didn't make it on to my best so far list but I've spent a significant portion of the last 2 months jamming to their album Stoned Alone released in June, particularly the short but sweet "Come on Apathy!

Blue suicide is their new album, coming out sometime soon(no official date yet). Check out a new track to be featured on Blue Suicide called "Business as Usual" along with my personal favorite "Come on Apathy"
Last but certainly not least, download all of Stoned Alone and 2009's Baby Prayers here.

Young Montana?

I have no idea if these guys made up the genre Airhorn step(I'm really not deep at all into the dub/grime out there these days) but this band is sick and thats a very apt description for it actually. If the first song trips you out too much still check out the second one, it actually has vocals and a more traditional song structure. Maybe its because I'm not listening to enough underground/ fringe hip hop but the best way I can describe SuchBeats is as a chillwave rap song. Chillhop?
on east village radio w/GASLAMP KILLER by Young Montana?

Suchbeats (feat. Stainless Steele) by Young Montana?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First post/ Favorites of 2010 so far.

Since I already spend a significant portion of my free time listening to music and making mixtapes (usually for myself....) I've decided I'm going to start a Blog! Well restart a blog, but we won't talk about the first attempt it was not so great. But anyways, here is a list of my 10 favorite songs, 5 favorite EP's and 10 favorite LP's I wrote down a couple weeks ago when I couldn't sleep! And yeah, I may or may not have taken the general idea for this post from altered zones. There are mp3s for all 10 songs and the EPs and LPs with links can be downloaded in full for free directly from the artists or their labels.

I didn't pick any songs that were on any of the LPs or EPs on this list because they'll get their time to shine later. Also, I'm too lazy to upload mp3s so I just used links from other blogs. This of course means that by the time you read this post (never?) the links might be broken... but I'm new to this!
10. Running - Computer Magic Download!
9. Black bird - Soft Cat Download!
8. What a Drag - Bear Hands Download!
7. When Your Love is Safe - Active Child Download!
6. Black Sheep - Suckers Download!
5. O.N.E. - YeasayerDownload!
4. Wrinklecarver - GOBBLE GOBBLE Download!
3.Away Frm U - Oberhofer Download!
2. Dance Yrself Clean - LCD SoundsystemDownload!
1. Heavy Pop - Wu Lyf Download!

5. Small Black EP - Small Black
4.Fade Cave - Yellow Ostrich
3. Coal Mine Canary - The Dundies
2. The Years(zip) - Memory House
1. Guards EP - Guards
Small Black would be number 1 if it wasn't a reissue from last year. And no, Coal Mine Canary is not biased Jacksonville/Murray hill love, its actually really great.

10.Notorious xx - Wait What
9. King of the Beach - Wavves
8. Wild Smile - Suckers
7. Contra - Vampire Weekend
6. Gorilla Manor - Local Natives
5. High Violet - The National
4. The Wild Hunt - The Tallest Man on Earth
3. The Suburbs - Arcade Fire
2. Real Life Color(zip) - Magic Man
1. Teen Dream - Beach House