Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Das Racist, meet Fake Das Racist

ey guys, doc here. know i don't post much but needed to hype something real quicklike

you've probably heard of Das Racist, the Brooklyn duo behind Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell (song not the restaurant concept) and a bunch of other deconstructionist/dada/obscure ref laced hip hop.

you probably haven't heard of Fake Das Racist, providing twitter with the best lyrics that Das Racist never wrote. shit is fresh and hilarious and from a very clever comedic fellow i know. and real Das Racist is starting to tweet back, so its gettin rull meta up in there.

"Arabic like algebra, moods variable like algebra, bill crumpler like Alge, brah, weed green like algae, braaaah"

"I like to emcee hammered like MC Hammer, rammin Alabama slammers and jammin' to Bananarama"

and a lot more here. follow, tweet, retweet, whatever you do on that ish

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