Friday, December 10, 2010

2010 Recap: Top 15 EPs

Its that time of year! This week I'm going to be rolling out my year end favorites, along with a few friend's favorites. Today its EPs, I've got a list of Remixes/Covers, Albums, and Songs to come, and who knows what my friends will have to say. If you're a TL;DR kind of person expect a recap once everything has been posted

  1. `+` - Wise Blood
  2. The Years - Memoryhouse
  3. All Delighted People - Sufjan Stevens
  4. Guards - Guards
  5. Boat Boat - Totally Nebular
  6. What Happens in Hingham stays in Hingham - Mean Winds
  7. Lamp Lighter - MoonLasso
  8. Boy - Young Man
  9. Adelyn Rose - Adelyn Rose
  10. Daytrotter Session - Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr
  11. Beach Dreams - Teen Daze
  12. Fade Cave - Yellow Ostrich
  13. Dynazty - Nazcar Nation
  14. Sometimes the Blues is just a Passing Bird - Tallest Man on Earth
  15. Coal Mine Canary - The Dundies
Just a few things worth noting: All the EPs with links are free(with the artist's approval of course) and you can stream most of the other ones without too much trouble. Boat Boat actually came out in 2009 (Edit: and its not even an EP!), but I didn't get it until this year (and its short enough to feel like an EP!), so I'm going to count it. I only included the Daytrotter session because it has all the same songs as Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr's Horsepower EP, but it has a warmer feel to it and I always find myself listening to it over the actual EP. And finally, The Tallest Man on Earth's EP would be much higher on this list if his LP didn't overshadow it, you really need to check both out if you haven't yet!!

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