Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekend jamz (vol.1?)

Its the weekend.
Purity Ring's Ungirthed is recieving some very deserved attention from p4k.
I haven't posted a mixtape in far too long.
I think its time to celebrate the first two and change the third one. I literally made this mixtape 10 minutes ago, so sequencing isn't a big deal, and its significantly shorter than usual. Hopefully you won't feel too ripped off with 25 minutes of music instead of 40. Enjoy!

  1. Living in America (Remix ft Gucci Mane) - Dom
  2. Fever - Christian AIDS
  3. Replicants - Millionyoung
  4. Together - Teen Daze
  5. Roxxanne - Teams
  6. Everyday Dance - Star Slinger
  7. Skin Fox (Gobble Gobble Remix) - Mane Mane
  8. Ungirthed - Purity Ring
The .zip is out of order, and even though I said it didn't matter that much, this is the order I'll be listening to it in.

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