Friday, January 14, 2011

Heems - Teenage Dream

Yes, Das Racist member Heems does sample the Katy Pery song. But no, its not really supposed to be ironic or embarrasing. Instead Heems slows and screws it into something sryupy and psychedelic to rap over.
Speaking of slowing down pop (that might be a stretch) into something syrupy and worth rapping on, I neglected to post the Dom-Gucci dream colab that hit the internet a few weeks ago. Check that out below as well.
Back to Teenage Dream though... this isn't even the first time I've posted a re-imagining of Teenage Dream! A few months ago I also posted Foxes in Fiction's straight up cover of the track that I'm also posting below.

Living in America (remix) - Dom Ft Gucci Mane
Teenage Dream - Foxes in Fiction ft. Weed

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