The mixes I make are in order for a reason! So if its not too much effort I'd really love it if you put them in a playlist and kept them in order. To be honest, I'd love it a lot more if you actually burned these playlists on blank CDs and listened to them in your cars, boomboxes and workplaces because its just a little more personal that way. If you want to make a mixtape, or you want me to make you a mixtape just scroll to the bottom of the page.

Mixtapes are in chronological order. (Click the caption not the picture. Sorry I'm not very tech savvy!)

How It's Done Summer

Its Whatever

Fifth Dimension



David's Mixtape

Halloween Mixtape
Chafin's Mixtape
And Thats How Its Done
Dance Yrself Clean
Leprechaun in Space

Jaime's Mixtape

Music for Fall
The End of Summer

Audience Participation:
If you share my love of mixtapes AND...
A) you want me to post a mixtape you've made
B) you want me to post a mixtape dedicated to you

Just tell me and I'll happily oblige! If you've never actually met me in real life just email me or friend request me. Make sure to include "mixtape" or "ATHID" in the subject. Also for...
A) include a picture(of anything) that you think relates to the mood of the mixtape, and a link to download it. Its up to you if you want to include links to each mp3 or just one for the whole thing.
B) name a few songs on the blog you've enjoyed so I have a place to start and if you don't mind, include a ridiculous picture of yourself.