Thursday, January 6, 2011

Star Slinger - "ROGUE CHO PA" EP

Star Slinger has been getting a lot of buzz lately, and until recently I wasn't entirely sure I could get behind it. I knew I dug his remixes, but his originals never really stood out. That all changed pretty recently when his contribution to the Amdiscs compilation overcame my cynicism with pure bliss. I wasn't planning on posting anything else though because I already linked to that song in the Amdiscs post. Conveniently though, Star Slinger released an EP "full of beats" that he "had lying around". If this is what he has lying around to release on a whim I clearly need to be listening to more of his stuff. If you're in Tally you'll get to do just that early next month at Club Down Under. If Star Slinger wasn't good enough the February 8th show also has Braids and Baths on the bill.

Grab Rouge Cho Pa on Soundcloud or as a zip
Everyday Dance - Star Slinger
If you're digging it, grab one more free release from Star Slinger called Volume One here.

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