Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Beggars in a New Land - Teething EP

"Beggars in a New Land" just released an EP with the cassette rookies Crash Symbols. I'd never heard of Beggars, but the Get Off The Coast connection was enough to peak my interest. Teething is Crash Symbol's third release to date, and they've started out almost outrageously strong. (In case you missed it, Crash Symbols opened shop with a bang in November with an incredible compilation. Check out links to the compilation and another one of their releases below) Beggars aren't afraid to classify themselves as Chillwave, and neither will I. Compared to their peers though, Beggars sounds outright enormous. Chillwave's dance influences are pulled right up front on Teeth and their kitschy synths and drum machines somehow manage to sound like they'd fill arenas.

Hear Hum - Psyche Circles (expect more from Hear Hums on ATHID in the near future!)

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