Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Teen Daze

Teen Daze, signed to my favorites Arcade Sounds churn out chillwave remixes like mad, but increased quantity doesn't mean decreased quality with these guys. Although I personally enjoy their remixes more than their original songs, don't take those for granted either! Their 8 song debut EP "Four More Years" was released this summer. Anyways, I'll just post some of my favorite Teen Daze remixes, a teen daze original, and (now try and stay with me here) a dechillwaved version of one of his own songs! Presented below in easy to understand chemical reaction form.

Teen Daze + (different artist's) not chillwave song --> chillwave remix.
O.N.E- Yeasayer (teen daze remix)
Wide Eyes - Local Natives (teen daze remix)
Wet Hair - Japandroids (teen daze remix)
End of Days - Gobble Gobble(teen daze remix)
Beach City - Dream Cop (teen daze remix)


Teen Daze --> (original) chillwave song --> not chillwave acoustic version.
For Paulina- Teen Daze
For Paulina (acoustic) - Teen Daze (via thefmly)

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