Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Unouomedude - Frequency single

Jacksonville's very own Unouomedude dropped a new digital 7" onto the world today. The single features two distinctly different versions of the song. The A side presents a less hyperactive take on the pop-punk displayed so well on Marsh. Distortion and Wavves like cooing aside, its hazy, carefree and perfect for the Summer (in case you don't live in Florida, its common knowledge that we just skip Spring and get right into it around here). Frequency II is a different beast. The production is hip-hop indebted and those Coos sound less defiant and more disorienting. Frequency II, with its pitch shifted harmonies and nothing short of charming percussion is in the same vein as the wobbly, uneven pop of Purity Ring's Ungirthed, a style I'm hoping to hear more frequently as the year progresses.

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