Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Asura - Unreleasables

Ghibli mastermind Thomas Michael tipped me onto a musical peer of his today, and I've pretty much been foaming at the mouth ever sense. Sure, chopping up vaguely familiar diva wails is far from groundbreaking in 2011, but on "He Sees Through Her" Asura manages to mangle his vocal sources until they're pushed outside the realm of western music. Similarly, tracks like "This Chain" and "Kissing On a Rose" push the line between sonic revelations and straight up heart attacks with their hyperactivity. The album is rounded out by a few remixes of R&B/Rap classics that aren't entirely kosher by copyright standards, including the second remix* of Drake's Over I've heard in the past two days. I'm still not sure what Asura was thinking when he labeled these tracks unreleasable, but I'm certainly glad that he changed his mind.

*Bonus: Here's the first remix Drake's Over I've heard in the past two days:
Over (Drake Vs Starkey) - Midnighter Mashup

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