Monday, March 28, 2011

Animal Collective - Keep Cassette Tape

Some weeks you find music you aren't expecting, and other weeks you finally get to hear something you've been anticipating. Theres no doubt this past week has been incredible for the latter: A new Cults song, two new Fleet Foxes songs, two new Burial songs (I was hoping to find a stream without all the tags and chatter, and when I couldn't I just gave up.)
Its looking like that trend is moving into this week, as Animal Collective's cassette tape for KEEP has hit the web. These mp3s are ripped from youtube videos that were presumably ripped from cassette so they're anything but high quality. With no official digital release, its unlikely that higher quality mp3s are even out there (but if you find them, shoot me an email!)

Before this tape, I'd never heard a solo Geologist song, and his contribution is about what I was expecting. More of a sound scape than an actual song, its pretty but there isn't much melody. Panda Bear's track is typically incredible for Panda Bear, and with a little more polish it would fit right in with what we've heard from Tomboy so far. Avey Tare's is similar, sounding like a Down There B-side with less polish and unfortunately none of Avey's superb yelps. Deakin's track was the nicest surprise for me, bringing probably my favorite song to the collection. If it weren't stripped down to a single piano, percussion and vocals it would fit right in on MPP.

Jailhouse - Geologist
The Preakness - Panda Bear

Its too late to get a cassette, but you can still buy the shoes designed by each member of Animal Collective from Keep. All proceeds go to the Socorro Island Conservation Fund

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  1. Thanks so much for the mp3s. They were excellent, and you were not kidding about how great that Deakin track was.