Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I'm professed my love time and time again for beko, so hopefully you guys know the drill by now.
This weeks single comes from Tennessee foursome COOLRUNNINGS. I remember stumbling upon Coolrunnings several months ago and not being particularly impressed, but either I wasn't paying enough attention or these guys have dramatically improved. Like so many of their peers, these boys are drawing their main influences from the 1980s, but unlike your average chillwaver COOLRUNNINGS are at their best when they lovingly imitate the faux-epic sounds of 80s rock/metal. Both A sides (the B side is a remix) sound not so far off from Yeasayer with a biting punk vocalist. I'm digging the second A-Side, Brunettes' driving guitar and cow bell percussion. Even if the original doesn't impress you, the Royal Bangs remix on the B Side is pretty much guaranteed to make you move.

Download COOLRUNNING's Beko single here.
Check out Brunettes and a slightly older tune that should be appearing on the band's first full length sometime soon.

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