Monday, November 8, 2010

Memoryhouse -Caregiver/Heirloom

Memoryhouse's new single comes out digitally tomorrow! I don't know what the heck I was doing a month or so ago when the A side, Caregiver made its way into the world but damn do I regret it! So I'm hearing the A and B sides for the first time today. The single seems like a very smart way to end the year. Caregiver and Heirloom sound pretty different, but they both help solidify Memoryhouse's established sound. Caregiver drops the usual synths and focus on the beat to highlight the sense of loss that seems to permeate all of the band's songs. Heirloom on the other hand embraces the electronic sound, and exceeds Memoryhouse's usual down tempo. Heirloom is probably the closest the band comes to "anthemic", but to be honest its a bit too reliant on the retro feel for me. Last but not least, theres an alternate, piano based version of Memoryhouse's classic Lately

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