Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Seven Saturdays - Secret Things (remix album)

I've been jamming (actually I'm usually studying) to Seven Saturdays for a while now, but I just never got around to posting anything. The Sun Airway remix introduced me to the ambient-pop project, and the Memoryhouse remix has also been buzzing around the web for the past few weeks. Everything on this remix album is just a good as the first two singles and you could probably assume that just by looking at the lineup. Memoryhouse, Sun Airway, Teen Daze, Houses and Millionyoung are all Athid Favorites and none of them disappointed here. To be honest, it'd be quite the feat to disappoint with such beautiful source material, but its always nice to see some of your favorite artists together in the same place. All prior bias aside, newcomers White Sea manage to create perhaps the most triumphant remix of the bunch. An album like this has the potential to make all the chillwave haters shut up for a few minutes and just... chill :)
The album is only available to stream until next Tuesday, no word yet on a physical release.

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