Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ela Orleans

I've been intrigued by Ela Orleans since I Know was featured on Grrrzzly's first mixtape at the beginning of this year. My obsession solidified with her inclusion on two separate label compilations for Beko. Along with label-mate Dirty Beaches, Ela Orleans is the leader of the pack in extending the current weirdo-vintage trend into the 50s. Her 12" split with Dirty Beaches is about to be released on La Station Radar (an incredible label thats essentially forming the impending 50s revival) and there are another three records coming from Ela in the coming year. Watch two Neo-Noir performance videos and grab the new track from Clandestine's Beko compilation below.

Ela Orleans "Myriads" from movies for ears on Vimeo.

Ela Orleans "Beat Goes On" from movies for ears on Vimeo.

Light at Dawn - Ela Orleans

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