Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Total Bummer mixtape - Vol 1

I didn't make this mixtape, but I'm going to count it as the mixtape for the week anyways because I'm lazy. Total Bummer 2.0 is a 3 day event coming to Tallahassee March 25-27th. Boasting 60 artists (that doesn't include visual artists!) in 3 days and taking place in and around Railroad square, Total Bummer is going to be a damn good time for all us Tally Folks. Bands include: Gobble Gobble, Reptar, Hear Hums, Waylon Thorton and the Heavy Hands, Moonlasso ,Oh Fortuna and obviously a ton more. According to their facebook, Spirit Cat is " a collective/record label of electronic music based out of Gainesville, FL", and I'd give props to whoever specifically made the mixtape if I knew.
Find More info on Total Bummer on their website or their angelfire (lol) and check back for updates on the second phase of the line-up.

If you're not in Tallahassee and really don't care, don't worry. I'm just about finished with a mixtape for next week (I'm finally getting back into the routine). On that note, if anybody wants to contribute some artwork for next week's mix email me.

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