Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pepepiano - Pepepiano

Sometimes I forget how left field certain artists really are. I suggest them to a few friends, they check them out and tell me that they are "uhh definitely different." Sadly, I think Pepepiano may be one of these artists. I want to suggest this album to anyone who's ever told me how much they enjoyed Merriwether Post Pavillion, but I'm sure more than a few of them would be confused. Throw hip-hop, glitch and sometimes Passion Pit, sometimes Atlas Sound vocals into the mix and you might understand why Pepepiano can seem so unwieldy.

Ok. If you'd like to think of yourself as musically adventurous (and I'd hope everyone who reads my blog does!) forget anything negative I just said. Pepepiano pulls off the so called "post MPP" sound better than anyone else I can think of. "Firehands" gets heavy, almost trance inducing, while "Bruce Springsteen" mixes The Jameses' Fifth Dimension with Anco's Bluish. Millennium Wet Dream's smooth synth tones and diva-vocals form the purest example of chillwave, and its followed up by "Catapult" maybe the most hyperactive of the bunch. Overall theres just a TON of stuff going on here. Theres much more to dig into than I'm willing to write about, so I'm just going shut up and let you listen to it.

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