Monday, February 14, 2011

The fastest way to creep out your Valentine, from Yeasayer

eyyy guys

apparently today is valentimes day or something (i don't believe in "greeting cards"). however, i do believe in Yeasayer, the tripped out crew that is still riding off the success of their last album Odd Blood from early last year.

one of the best tracks from Odd Blood is "I Remember", which Yeasayer has re-released fo' free along with two remixes and a new videoa for a valiumdimes day (did i do that right?) special. the song is a little intense, with lyrics like "I remember the smell of your skin forever" i'm not sure i'd give it to more than a S.O., but its still awesome (and i bet the remixes are good but i'm too cool to send a valentine to myself atleast right now).

so yeah, git u some creepy valentines loving (and good music) here
and as usual, the vid is trippy as heck

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