Thursday, February 10, 2011

That Ghost

I really can't remember when exactly "Never Have Fun" found its way on to my iPod, but I remember it being on a mix that didn't leave my car's CD player for several months. For whatever reason, I was never really interested in finding anything else by the artist (in other words I didn't know what Hype Machine was) so That Ghost was a complete mystery to me. Obviously, when you only have one or two songs from an artist its kind easy to forget about them. Fortunately, That Ghost re-entered my consciousness with the announcement of "Songs Out Here" about a month ago after a shamefully long break. If you're new to That Ghost grab the album's first two singles along with Never Have Fun.

Calls - That Ghost (premiered today on Weekly Tape Deck)
To Like You - That Ghost
Never Have Fun - That Ghost

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