Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Because I Love David...

Its only been his birthday for an hour but I'm up so I figure I might as well post David's birFday mix right now. I'm pretty proud of it, I'd say its a bit more accessible than the last few I've made, it even has two rap songs! I gave this one less to time to digest before posting than I usually do but I don't think its any less thought out than usual.

One other thing worth mentioning: in general if I'm really into an album it never ends up on these mixtapes. Album sequencing is a big deal to me and most great albums have to be taken in as a whole to be really appreciated. That said though I've made quite a few exceptions with this one: Goons, Conversation 16, Darling, and Coronado are all from albums that will probably end up in my top 10 this year.

Anyways, a word to the Birthday boy: I hope you enjoy this mixtape! I still jam to the mixtape you gave me like 3 years ago that has "California on my mind" on it. I'm pretty sure it was a Christmas mix. Anyways, have a great birthday up in Tigertown, but save some energy for seeing me next week! Remember buddy, if you ever feel like you want to write about the music you've been listening to you still have a username to publish on this blog. Cant w8 till ur prez, bttr make me USA music Czar.

Landline - Oberhofer
Super Market - Domo Genesis ft Tyler the Creator
Gangster Rap - Total Warr
What a Drag - Bear Hands
Goons - Small Black
Birthday Party - Unouomedude
Nothing but our love - Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. (Daytrotter session)
Not in Love - Crystal Castles ft Robert Smith
Oh I Wandered - Paperfangs
Football - PEERS
Conversation 16 - The National
Undertow - Warpaint
Juicy R - The xx plus Notorious BIG/ Wait What?
Very Busy People - The Limousines
Libraries - Yellow Ostrich
Coronado - Deerhunter
Bearsuit - Sea Monster
Waiting on You - Sun Airway
Darling (Reprise) - Magic Man
Her Sinking Sun - Coma Cinema

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