Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Leprechaun in Space

I've never seen Leprechaun in space, but I've seen Leprechaun 2 so if thats any indication, Leprechaun in space isn't as great as this mixtape is! I didn't really intend it to be, but the whole middle section of the mix is pretty much a tribute to Jay Reatard. Theres 3 songs by Jay himself and a whole bunch of songs I probably would never have gotten into if Jay's music hadn't reminded me that theres still good punk music out there. Man I miss hearing new music from that guy!

I actually do have mp3s for each song this time so thats fun but you can still download the zip here. If the mp3s aren't playing on this page try opening them in a new tab and they should work. If not email me, jonnaz[at]comcast dot net

2 Eyes 2 C - Suckers
White Lincoln - Totally Nebular
Spector - Signals
Sleep Tight - Rollerskates
World's destroyed - Mind Spiders
Across the Sea - Hanoi Jones
It Aint Gonna Save me - Jay Reatard
I get Nervous - The Lost Sounds
Blood Visions - Jay Reatard
What a Drag - Bear Hands
Sanity - Slow Animal
Dolt Heart - Slow Animal
Prom Queen - School Knights
Mickey Mouse - Wavves
Tell 'Em - Sleigh Bells
I was thinking... - Gauntlet Hair
STRT SRNS - Wise Blood
Future Body - Birthdays & Cough Cool
Whiplash - Sunglasses
BTSTU - Jai Paul

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