Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Because I Love Jaime...

If we were still in actionville I would have just made this playlist into a CD, probably with "CHILL JAMZZ" written on it in sharpie. Considering we live a couple hours away though now I figured it would be easier to do over the interwebs, and besides this way people who aren't Jaime can still enjoy a collection of very good songs! Anyways, the song list is below, the emphasis on this one isn't so much that the music is new so three or four of the songs aren't from this year, and several others are songs I've been jamming to for a couple months. Like every other week, when I listen to these playlists its always in the same order. I spend more time changing the order so it flows than I do picking out the songs, so I advise playing it with shuffle OFF. Last but not least, if you are just super super jealous that you don't have a ridiculous picture of yourself on my blog/want me to make you a mixtape, just tell me and I'll make one for next Tuesday!

1. Meteor Eschat - Gobble Gobble
2. Young Hearts Spark Fire - Japandroids
3. Abel - The National
4. Swift Coin - Land of Talk
5. Hands Together - New Pornographers
6. All I Want - LCD Soundsytem
7. Radio Kaliningrad - Handsome Furs
8. The Past is a Grotesque Animal - Of Montreal
9. Tin man - Future Islands
10. Sailing by the Night - Department of Eagles
11. Boy From School (Hot Chip cover) - Grizzly Bear
12. Blood - The Middle East
13. I See it Coming - Guards
14. Nothing But Our Love (Daytrotter session) - Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.
15. Despicable Dogs - Small Black
16. School Night - Coma Foxes
17 ???

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