Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New music: Guido, Selebrities, Porcelain Raft, ect ect

Alot of new Chillwave this week (but thats every week AMIRITE??) but some of it is you know.... actually good. Guido's probably the only project on here that doesn't go under that category to be honest. His new single isn't 100% in line with his regular sound (I like this more than anything else he's done) anyways, I don't know much about several of these bands so I'll just let the music do the talking today!

Time - Selebrities (thank you DS)
ski ridder by guido productions

On to Free EPs:

You can grab all of Waskerley Way's new ep Cat Music by clicking right here, or just my personal favorite track off of it, Cattermole(once again via my favorite DS)

Last but not least, Young Man's Daytrotter session is a must listen!

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