Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Because I Love Kanye West...

That title isn't sarcasm or anything! I really do love Kanye West! He's easily the most interesting personality in pop culture today, not to mention my favorite rapper/producer! Anyways, he performed at the VMAs Sunday night and premiered a new song! (as did Taylor swift apparently, but its not like I actually watched the VMAs) The song is called Runaway and its definitely more 808s and Heartbreaks than anything else he's released post-swiftgate. If you haven't heard, Kanye is currently in the middle of a single series called "Good Fridays" so head over to his blog for a couple new mp3s along with a trailer for Runaway's music video(wtf?), and don't forget to check in every Friday for a new song. Last but not least, In Flex we Trust has the studio version (or some version) of Runaway up right now, you should probably download that while its still up!

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