Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Coma Cinema song, plus new project Coma Foxes!

Mat Cothran AKA Coma Cinema, is a busy man! His third Album in 3 years, Blue Suicide is supposedly coming out in October, and now hes started a new project with follow one-man-bander Warren Hildebrand AKA Foxes in Fiction. Sure the name Coma Foxes isn't so original but their sound.... wow. As far as I know they only have 1 song currently released called school night and it is something else. Out of tune keys and intruding muffled gurgles, not to mention the painfully abrupt ending morph this modest piano ballad into something much darker.

Maybe I think its so great because of the associations I make with it, not only based off the lyrics, but also the title and the cover art, either way listen for you're self, and while you're at it check out songs from both guys by themselves, Wandering is a new one from Coma Cinema that may or may not make it on to Blue Suicide. Bathurst isn't as new, but it is a good introduction to Foxes' sound.

School Night - Coma Foxes
Wondering - Coma Cinema
Bathurst - Foxes in Fiction

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