Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dead Gaze - Back and Forth (plus updates about this blog)

I've been jamming to Dead Gaze for a month or two now. Ever since I heard "Take Me Home or I Die Alone" off of their Firetalk single I've been hooked. I was just looking at their myspace a few minutes ago when I realized I hadn't seen this music video yet. Maybe its because its 1 in the morning but I found the music video to be WICKED COOL and figured I'd share even though its not exactly new. The song is off of their EP "End of Days Why Not You?" which I shamefully don't have yet. Hoping to change that soon, I just emailed the man behind Dead Gaze a few minutes ago asking where I can get a digital copy.
I also asked him about maybe making a mixtape for me to post on this blog! I'll definitely update more on this later when I've actually solidified some details but I'm going to try and get artists to start making mixes/ guest posts for the blog in the coming months.

DEAD GAZE - Back and Forth from DEAD GAZE on Vimeo.

P.S.-There are probably tons of typos in the above post... what can I say I just

P.P.S- If you read the above post and though "Hmm I could totally make a mixtape for this blog" regardless of if you have any musical talent, just look at the side bar above the mixtape section and EMAIL ME! Its not like I'm doing anything more important.

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