Friday, November 26, 2010

first post in a few days/last post for a few days.

I've been home for Thanksgiving Break since Tuesday afternoon and I've been catching up with friends or sleeping the entire time! As much fun as I'm having, it still kills me a little that I haven't been able to post. I've been sent/found quite a few good songs since I've gotten home. Even now I don't really have time to talk about all of these in depth, so I'm going to try something new with this post. I'm going to summarize everything I have to say about these songs in one sentence. If this sounds familiar its because I got the inspiration from Ear Farm's 5+5=10

Memphis Folk-Rompers release an EP of sophisticated Indie Pop still perfect for Iced Tea on the front porch.

Gobble Gobble unleashes his Active Child recalling Thanksgiving Gift in to the world.

Salley Hall resident's 3 song demo sandwiches a chill-out guitar jam between two Deep Space soundscapes.
Demos - David Mikesell

Surprisingly sunny Indie Pop from Finland recalls Matt & Kim and Gauntlet Hair.

In other news, I have one week of School left for the semester and then finals. I'm probably not going to have much time to blog in the next week and a half, but when I come back out of solitary confinement (last exam: Wednesday December 8th) expect the end of the year festivities to begin. Expect a lot of guest posts from my friends, and hopefully a few from artists as well. If you have any end of the year lists you'd like to share (it can be anything; top 10 new artists, top 13 favorite album covers, whatever) I'd be more than happy if you emailed me your opinion/let me post it.

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