Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Avey Tare - Lucky 1

Yeah I know I'm a day (real time, thats several weeks blog time) behind on this one, but Avey Tare's first single from his solo debut is available for download now! The reason for my lateness is mostly because I didn't think I was going to post this at all. I don't post anything if I don't like it even if it is from artists I really love/respect and at first Lucky 1 just seemed... really weird. Is that a saxophone or a synth? As it turns out though Lucky 1 is a lot like Small Black's recent single Photojournalist. The first time I heard it I couldn't get over the odd beat and instrumentation, but somewhere along the line the vocals just totally invaded my subconscious! In Lucky 1 its the first verse and the chorus of "were you crying?" over and over again that just won't stop floating through my head.

Lucky 1 - Avey Tare (via p4k)

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