Sunday, October 3, 2010

Small Black - Search Party

I'm not sure words can entirely describe my love for Small Black. Their first single Despicable Dogs was probably my favorite song from 2009 (its either that or While you wait for the others) but these guys are no one hit wonders. Their Debut Ep? Pretty easily explains why theres so much Chillwave out there these days. Their first LP New Chain comes out on October 26 (Oh and they're playing here in Tally on the 27th!!!) and Search Party is the second released song from the album. Unlike the first single, (Photojournalist) Search Party could easily have been on the EP and that is definitely a good thing!

Search Party - Small Black

Photojournalist - Small Black


  1. I live in Salley hall. I think I just posted a comment. Ah!

  2. My iTunes is David Mikesell