Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cultus Vibes: Together compilation

I have a Biology final tomorrow that I'm supposed to be studying for. Finals will render this blog mostly desolate this week, but for now I'm procrastinating to tell you about Cultus Vibes! The digital label run by Canada's chillwave kingpin Teen Daze released its first compilation last week, and I still have it on constant rotation. Besides Teen Daze, the (totally free!) comp features ATHID favorites like Ghibli and Des A Boda. I can see almost any of the acts on the consistently great compilation becoming favorites in the future, particularly Slow Magic. Keep an eye on Cultus Vibes, I have a feeling they may be one of few shining lights left in the stagnating chillwave scene. Don't let me fool you into thinking "Together" is a one trick pony however, the last third features ambient post-rock, folk and even a decidedly soft-rock number from Teen Daze side project Little Chords. If this comp can't keep me sane until Christmas break, I'm not sure anything can.

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