Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Porcelain Raft - Put Me To Sleep

Porcelain Raft's music has always had a sketch like quality to it, almost as if Remiddi was worried producing the songs into a more complete form would diminish the emotional impact. If this is his actual reason behind his generally raw approach, he seems to have changed his mind on "Put me to Sleep." The overall production levels seems higher than anything we've heard before, with slicker synth tones, less background noise and a dance-y, pulsing drum machine pushed farther up in the mix than usual. Fortunately, echoes of reverb laden vocals and guitar lines tear through the the track, making sure the track isn't too grounded in reality. After all, this is still the Porcelain Raft we know and love.

Put Me to Sleep - Porcelain Raft

"Put me to Sleep"  is the first single off of Porcelain Raft's debut LP, to be released on Secretly Candian early next year. With all this success certainly coming his way, I just hope Mauro can still find time to dream.

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