Wednesday, October 5, 2011

R E A L M A G I C - Hard 2 Keep

Drew Englander aka REAL MAGIC is the newest member of the fantastic Heart Music Group. He's only released three tracks so far, but that's been more than enough to peak my interest. Like his early singles, I'm tempted to call Hard 2 Keep post-dubstep, but its much brighter than anything we've heard so far from the still forming genre. The beat borrows from disparate sources like Grime and shameless rave, bouncing in sections and writhing and twitching in others. Instead of stumbling along such unsteady footing, the vocals rise above by mimicking the duality, creating harmonies out of lines both soaring and deadpan. The juxtaposition sounds unlike anything else around today, and hopefully that will be changing soon.

Hard 2 Keep - R E A L M A G I C

previously released:
Crip Tics - R E A L M A G I C

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