Friday, May 13, 2011

for Troy

I've had this one ready to post for at least half a week now. This whole "summertime" thing is not leaving very much time for the good old blogosphere. Anyways, this mixtape started out being entirely instrumental hip-hop and hasn't deviated too far from that general feel. I made it for an old highschool friend named Troy who now lives in Utah. Oh yeah, and I stole a few songs from my weekend wave mixtape without realizing it! Enjoy!!

  1. Sacre Cool - Young Montana
  2. Together - Teen Daze
  3. OOAH - BeachesBeaches
  4. Roxxanne - Teams
  5. Skin Fox (Gobble Gobble Remix) - Mane Mane
  6. Elizabeth Fraser(Cocteau Twins rework) - Star Slinger
  7. Too Much to Lose - Sun Glitters
  8. Wide Eyes (Suckers Remix) - Local Natives
  9. Every Time - Girl Unit
  10. CMYK - James Blake
  11. Hollywood Snow - Ghbili
  12. Cold War (instrumental) - Clams Casino

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