Monday, April 18, 2011

Premiere: Ben Talmi - Greatest Need

Whether you're stricken by his prolificness (check out Art Decade if you dig his solo stuff), his unpredictability(this EP is 3/4ths compositions for string quartet!) or simply just his sound, I think its safe to assume Ben Talmi really loves making music. Throwing in classical instrumentation, cuddly Indie Rock influence and enough stately, electric melodies to make a RATATAT fan salivate, Greatest Need is what Age of Adz would have sounded like if Sufjan wasn't in such a rough spot when he wrote it. If this track can't get you to smile, well I can't imagine what can.

Greatest Need - Ben Talmi

Greatest Need is the opening track on the "Constitution EP" slated for release on April 27th. Check out more of Ben's work on bandcamp.

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