Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tree Hopping - The Beat Band

Tree Hopping is the side project of 1/3 of carnival yelpers Totally Nebular. If I had to guess I'd say this guy is the main song writer for Totally Nebular, as they aren't too far apart. The Beat Band is heavier on the tropical influence and lighter on the (already light) hip-hop influences on Boat Boat. The music (except vocals) is made entirely of loops, but it never sounds inorganic. There's also something particularly grin-inducing about hearing the incredibly catchy hooks pop in more than one song.

This is totally(hah) unrelated:
Day Trotter is KILLING IT with the Pop Montreal Sessions. 4 Braids songs in a single take, an acoustic Diamond Rings session and Oberhofer all in a week? You should probably go download those if you haven't yet.

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