Monday, August 30, 2010

Totally Nebular

I was in Gainesville for Gobble Gobble (Probably my favorite band I found about this summer) and was very pleasantly surprised by one of the local bands playing with them! Just a disclaimer, Cecil from Gobble Gobble called them weird. And he wears fairy wings on stage. Totally Nebular consisted of 3 guys, constantly switching instruments, usually in the middle of a song. They played on the floor instead of on the stage and destroyed my ears. In concert they seemed kind of screamo, but on record it comes out more like yelps. (probably better for them anyways, otherwise Brokencyde references might be hard to shake) The best way to describe their style is like a more punk, sung tongs/feels era Animal Collective mixed with the occasional vampire weekend nod. Good stuff really! Well enough of my incoherent babbling, if you can't tell I'm really excited about these guys!

Anthony Naples - Totally Nebular

Anthony Naples starts off pretty twee, but has a very animal collective-like bridge full of samples. Check out more on their myspace and if you're digging it get all of Boat Boat for free here.

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