Monday, November 15, 2010

quick update.

Its been more than 15 minutes since I last posted and I think I'm starting to shake a bit. Its been a pretty busy weekend (in an incredibly fun way) for me here in Tally so that kind of explains the lack of posts. There has not however been of lack of songs worth posting about so I'm going to round up just a few right now. Also, I'm planning on posting a playlist on Thursday instead of Tuesday for my buddy David's birfday.

Get your Dub on. This ones a banger alright.
The HEAT by DCarls via Mad Decent

I've never really gotten into jj for whatever reason but this one just hypnotizes me. I already love intro by xx and the vocals (as far as I can tell the only addition) add beautifully. If I hadn't heard the original song I wouldn't have know it was a sample.

This song is nice. And that doesn't discredit the song at all, its just really sweet and captivating. I played this one without headphones in a few days ago, and I've caught not only myself, but one of my roommates humming it quite a few times this week.
Open Season - High Highs (once again via P4k)

I'm not sure how old this one is but its new to me. I'm pretty far behind on these guys, but through my backtracking I'm just now realizing that Dead Gaze is one of my favorite bands this year!

Obligatory Coma Cinema remix. Just kidding though, its really incredible! One of my favorite tracks on Stone Alone. I really love intro and outro of the original, and the way this remix stretches out and adds to both in incredible ways. I also love how theres a syncopated rhythm before totally screwing with the original, reminds me a bit of something Fiveng would do.

Last but not least, Kanye's newest G.O.O.D Friday track Chain Heavy is one of my favorites from the series. It features a slightly more light hearted/humourous side of Kanye we haven't seen very much of lately. Its got a weird late night jazz lounge rhythm section and a thin little paranoid Synth on top. Great Line: "Why ya got all caps on? Don Cheadle time! get extra black on 'em"
Chain Heavy - Kanye West ft Talib Kweli and Consequence

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