Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Foxes in Fiction Covers

Lets face it. Teenage Dream is kind of a good song. There I said it. I'm not going to give it any kudos for production but the "heart racing in my skin tight jeans" has a nice little tune to it that I catch myself whistling a lot more than should be alright. Of course, the lovely Foxes in Fiction come to the rescue and make it acceptable to whistle. Foxes in Fiction add a nice guitar riff on top of the chorus that adds quite a lot to the song, while fellow bedroom artist Weed adds some much needed out of tune vocals to make sure you know its not a totally serious cover.

In other Foxes in Fiction cheesy covers new (thats pretty specific news!) Foxes in Fiction also have an extra dreamy extra cheesy cover of 80s classic Take on Me. Can't say it adds much to the original but its a pretty fun listen. Grab both covers along with a personal favorite Foxes in Fiction Original below.

Teenage Dream - Foxes in Fiction (Katy Perry Cover)
Take on Me - Foxes in Fiction (A-ha cover)
Memory Pools - Foxes in Fiction

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