Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stream live sets From S. Carey, Tallest Man on Earth

I'm generally only interesting in a few folksy artists each year, and this year the only two I can think of are S. Carey and The Tallest Man on Earth. Well what do you know, they're on tour with each other! NPR has streams of their live sets from their last night on tour together here. also theres about 2 minutes of club music playing at the beginning of The Tallest Man on Earth's set, so don't be worried about sound quality like I was!

Sean Carey, who releases under S. Carey was first noticed for being Bon Iver's drummer and released his first solo album, the heartbreakingly beautiful "All We Grow" earlier this year. The Tallest Man on Earth has received many Dylan comparisons, for his croaky, yet easily connecting voice. You'd probably never know it from listening to his music, but he's actually from Sweden and (obviously)English is not his native language!

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