Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wolf Parade - Yulia

I'm really torn on Wolf Parade's latest LP "Expo 86." I can only think of one song on the album that I don't really like, but for whatever reason its just isn't that memorable. I felt like Krug's songs had a better sound, but Boeckner won on the songwriting (does this even make sense?). Both Krug and Boeckner have two real hits, with Krug claiming the opener and closer as his two best. Boeckner's Ghost Vision is probably the Album's best song, but Boeckner's last song Yulia is certainty the most dramatic. In both sound and content Yulia feels like Boeckner could have put it on (his side project) Handsome Fur's last record but knew it needed the full band treatment. This video for Yulia definitely adds to the song, and helps push the album as a whole from past enjoyable to memorable.

Watch the clip and a read the director's thoughts at Bravely Done.

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