Friday, October 22, 2010

Coma Cinema - Caroline Please Kill me / Tour All Winter

I was actually hanging out with some friends last night at about 1:30 when I got a facebook update from Coma Cinema saying 2 new songs were up on Delicious Scopitone (of course). I had to honestly fight the urge to not just walk out without a word and go back to my dorm to listen to them. Anyways, its in between classes right now so I finally have the time to check them out.
I mean you probably know the drill by now, I freak out everytime I get to listen to a new Coma Cinema song but seriously, these two are amazing!

"Caroline, Please Kill me now" reminds me of a fully formed "Come On Apathy" (first Coma Cinema song I heard and maybe my favorite). Just like "Come on Apathy", it clocks in under two minutes but its pure pop-folk joy I'm going to be playing on repeat for probably hours at a time. Tour All Winter is a bit moire pensive, but its cool hearing Mat pick up the tempo on it and add a few extra layers to his sound. It finds a really sweet balance between his more upbeat tunes and his more reflective ones.

Tour All Winter - Coma Cinema (via DS)
Blue Suicide isn't out yet you can grab Mat's 2 earlier releases here

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