Friday, September 17, 2010

Radiohead, Fleet Foxes finished recording!

1st off, Radiohead is "done recording a new group of songs", according an essay by bassist Collin Greenwood! The essay is pretty lengthy, but definitely worth your time. Greenwood talks about the decision let their fans decide what in rainbows was worth to them, and how the internet has changed since then. He doesn't really say if this next album (group of songs... whatever) will be released in a similar matter however.

In more awesome "the music is ready" news, Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes posted this update on their facebook:

Fleet Foxes Hey all, it's been a bit since a recording update. Well, recording is done! We are flying to New York tomorrow to mix and master the album and will have information about release date and when you'll get to hear a song or two SOON. Geologically soon but soon. -Robin

Anyways, heres a remix from each of those bands last album's to get you excited!

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